Zelda Wii U news: Release date for 'Breath of the Wild' delayed yet again?


We've been waiting for a Zelda Wii U game since the console first launched back in 2012. Unfortunately, it looks like Hyrule fans will have to hold on even longer than expected for the Zelda Wii U release date.

Zelda Wii U release date: More bad news

Video game journalist Laura Dale is back at it again after an earlier report revealing that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wouldn't be ready in time for the Nintendo Switch launch. Now, a follow-up story claims that the game won't be available for the Wii U by March either.

Dale's sources reconfirmed that the latest Zelda game would miss the Nintendo Switch release, adding that it won't be ready in time for its "previously expected" Wii U release date either. However, the company still plans to release Breath of the Wild for Wii U eventually.


Zelda Wii U news: Release date news through the year

Here's a quick recap of all the Zelda Wii U development and release date news from the past few years. It's been a rough ride for fans of the franchise.

Nintendo first confirmed plans for a Zelda Wii U title back in January 2013, revealing that a new game was in development. Then, in 2014, the company debuted its first in-game footage, unveiling an exciting open world take on Zelda with a beautiful design. At the time, Nintendo said it was planning a 2015 release, but that wouldn't last for long.

In March 2015, Nintendo announced the first of many Zelda Wii U release date delays. The company didn't offer a new launch window, simply stating that it needed more time to finish the game. A few months later, Nintendo announced that the new Zelda title would finally arrive in 2016 for both Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, then known as the Nintendo NX.

A little under a year later, in April 2016, Nintendo delayed the Zelda Wii U release into 2017. A few months later, the company revealed the official name, Breath of the Wild, and offered fans and critics a chance to try the game for the first time.

When the Nintendo Switch was unveiled with a March 2017 launch, it seemed safe to assume this new Zelda game would arrive at the same time. Unfortunately, it looks like the game won't be available until even later next year, assuming Nintendo doesn't delay it again.


Nintendo Switch games: Mario, Skyrim and more

Thankfully, Dale's report also includes some good news for Nintendo fans. According to her sources, a new Mario game will be available for the Switch at launch. The game is set to offer 3D controls and an "open world hub" similar to Mario 64.

A Skyrim port from Bethesda could also launch alongside the Nintendo Switch in March. Finally, a deluxe model of the Switch will reportedly come with a "new version" of Splatoon with a new one-on-one mode designed for the portable console.