Jay Z Livestream Concert at Barclays Center: King of Rap Takes His Kingdom to YouTube


As if Jay-Z weren't already doing enough. This Saturday night the king of rap will venture into yet another arena: YouTube channels. Coinciding with the final concert of his eight-show run at the new Brooklyn Barclay's Center, Jay-Z will launch his new YouTube channel with a livestream of his final concert. The channel, called Life + Times, is an off-shoot of the rapper's pop culture website of the same name. 

The new channel promises a line-up of all of Hova's favorite things, otherwise known as "in-depth lifestyle pieces." The channel is a partner with IconicTV and will run like a TV network with featured programing including a behind-the-scenes Brooklyn Nets series called The Road to Brooklyn.

According to IconicTV co-founder and chief creative officer Michael Hirschorn, "The site really is way for Jay to showcase the breadth of his interests, from fashion, architecture, music, style, food, consumables, electronics, and so forth. We're approaching this channel and programming it, not at the level of an MTV or a BET ... but really programming it as a real channel that will have regular content, some featuring him .... but that when he wants to reach his audience, he's no longer going to have to go through an intermediary to get that audience." 

Life + Times will begin airing the concert at 9:30 pm on Saturday. PolicyMic will be livestreamming the event.