'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Theory: Did Daryl send Rick a message through Morse code?


It's been a very bleak season for Rick and the group, leaving the protagonists of The Walking Dead with little hope of fighting back against Negan, his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat, his horrible music taste and endless monologues about rules. Season seven's fourth episode didn't help either; an 85-minute affair of Negan visiting Alexandria, taking half of their stuff and sharing a lewd reference to his penis with Rick. It was lovely. 

In other words, viewers can expect Rick and the Alexandrians to, eventually, fight back against Negan and the Saviors. The problem is nothing from season seven points to this rebellion happening soon. Unless the group is conspiring against Negan so subtly that even the audience isn't necessarily privy to it. 

While Daryl visited Alexandria along with Negan and the Saviors, he was resorted to carrying some of the loot they picked up. Rick and Co. were forbidden to speak with him, and frankly, he didn't look like much for talking. But some fans on Reddit have theorized that Daryl might've been communicating with Rick through, of all things, Morse code. 

The reason some fans have honed in on the possibility of Morse code is that a sign for the communication method was prominently shown inside Rick and Michonne's home during the episode. 

While viewers can't agree on what Daryl is explicitly saying, there's common thread among the discussions: It involves the term "East." Daryl, then, could be telegraphing to Rick that the Saviors' main community, the Sanctuary, is east of Alexandria. This would be a pretty important revelation, considering they never made it to the Saviors' compound (they attacked an outpost in season six, assuming it was the main hideout, only to seriously regret that attack by the season finale). 

What we do know is that Daryl has resisted the urge to join Negan's group — he, like the rest of Rick's group, doesn't want to work under him. Rosita is trying to make bullets with Eugene's help, Michonne has been practicing her sharpshooting and Maggie is alive and well at the Hilltop Colony. Slowly but surely, it looks like everyone is planning a rebellion against Negan, akin to the comic book's "All Out War" storyline. 

However, as likely as it is for the group to fight back against Negan, some fans need more convincing to believe that Daryl is sending hidden messages to Rick (and yes, it's a bit of a stretch). 

That being said, crazier theories have come to fruition — the fandom at Westworld has already struck gold on a major theory. We'll just have to wait and see if Daryl is a Morse code savant, or simply consigned to listening to "Easy Street" for the rest of his mortal life.