Just in case you forgot how white the Republican party is, this selfie is a fun reminder


In the wake of last week's election results, some conservatives have taken to calling unhappy liberals "Snowflakes," a mocking nickname poking fun at their alleged coddled upbringings and need to be perceived as unique.

But in a selfie recently snapped by Vice President-elect Mike Pence, it seems like House Republicans might actually be the ones blanketed in white.

Pence immediately caught flak on Twitter for the overwhelming lack of diversity in the photo, but the prevalence of whiteness in Washington is nothing new. According to a 2015 study by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, while people of color make up more than 36% of the United States population, they make up only about 7.1% of top Senate staffers.

An official Twitter account for the House GOP released a shot of the same picture from a different angle, with the caption "UNIFIED" — prompting the question of who, exactly, is being united within this deeply homogenous group of lawmakers.

The photo harkens back to a similar selfie taken by Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan in July. In that picture, Ryan stands before a beaming group of Capitol Hill interns, all of whom were — you guessed it — white.