'Pokémon Sun and Moon' damage calculator: Update adds Gen 7 Pokémon, Z-Moves and stats


Pokémon Sun and Moon is about to launch, but there's still time to plot out your ultimate lineup. We've already highlighted an awesome team planner tool, but die-hard Pokémon trainers will want to take a look at this Pokémon Sun and Moon damage calculator too.

Pokémon Sun and Moon damage calculator: Everything included in the update

The online tool was created by Jake White, a programmer and competitive Pokémon player. Earlier this week he updated the site to bring it up to speed with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The update includes every new Pokémon introduced in Sun and Moon, from the new starters to legendary creatures Lunala and Solgaleo. 

It also incorporates Z-Moves, extra powerful attacks that can be used once per battle if trainer and Pokémon are in sync. 

The damage calculator even includes specific stats for each Pokémon, presumably pulled from the countless leaks we've seen over the past few weeks.

Pokémon Sun and Moon damage calculator: How does it work?

The site can be a little overwhelming at first, but it's relatively easy to use. First, pick two Pokémon. The damage calculator features a drop-down menu you can scroll through, but if you know when you're looking for it's easier to just type the name of each Pokémon into the search bar.

Mic/Nugget Bridge Pokémon Damage Calculator

Once you have two opposing Pokémon picked out, their stats will generate automatically. Next, you'll need to pick your moves. Again, there's a long drop-down menu to scroll through, but you can also search for a specific attack. You'll probably want to keep a Pokédex handy so you can check to see which moves each creature is capable of learning. 

Finally, you can select from a variety of conditions. That includes choices like terrain and weather.

Now comes the fun part. Click on the move you want to use at the top of the page. The Pokémon Sun and Moon damage calculator will instantly show you the results.

Mic/Nugget Bridge Pokémon Damage Calculator

There are tons of smaller settings to play with and try out too, if you feel like really digging in deep. Once you get started, the Pokémon Sun and Moon damage calculator should keep you busy long after the game is released.