Trump supporters have started a protest of Starbucks that involves… buying more Starbucks


Trump supporters have launched a protest against Starbucks that, oddly enough, brings more business to Starbucks. 

Trump supporters have started #TrumpCup, a viral campaign to force Starbucks employees to say "Trump," CNN reported on Friday. The "movement" is apparently a response to a viral video which surfaced this week of a Florida man screaming "I voted for Trump!" at a Starbucks barista who didn't make his drink fast enough — and then accusing the staff of discriminating against him for being white. 

It's not clear what, exactly, the #TrumpCup folks are protesting, but it seems as though quite a few diehard Trumpians have marched into their local Starbucks stores to demand a #TrumpCup of their very own.

The apparent irony of "protesting" a company (for what reason, again?) by giving them more of your money hasn't gone unnoticed by people on social media. Even fellow Trump supporters have tried to point out the nonsensical nature of trying to hurt Starbucks by patronizing Starbucks.

This isn't the first time Starbucks has become a lightening rod for people who feel as though the company is a bastion of liberal values. Last year, the company's season red cups caused outrage amongst people who felt they represented an attack on Christmas because they were missing the tradition snowflake designs. The #TrumpCup "protest" is just the latest in a bizarre culture war against the coffee behemoth — but in this case, it just seems misguided, not to mention a missed opportunity to use the hashtag #StarCucks.