Vice Presidential Debate Schedule and Prediction: Paul Ryan Will Likely Lie His Way to a Potential Victory


After a successful presidential debate for Mitt Romney and a decrease in the unemployment rate below 8%, the vice presidential debate is set to be next week’s big newsmaker.

Vice-Presidential nominees Joe Biden (D) and Paul Ryan (R) will go head-to-head on Thursday at 8:00 pm (ET), just eight days after their presidential running mates sparred with over 67 million voters tuned in through their TV sets and computers. 

This time, the dynamics are much different though. 

Vice President Biden is the older, experienced liberal who tells it like it is. Congressman Ryan is a younger, far-right conservative who has a speaking style that strongly appeals to the people. 

A good amount of the population thinks Joe Biden will blow it with one of his signature gaffes as Paul Ryan articulately portrays his vision for the United States. But, think on this: just like in Romney's case against Obama, a majority of Paul Ryan’s attacks on the current administration are bound to be either false or completely hypocritical. 

One of the Romney campaign’s main attacks on the president is his “$716 billion cut from Medicare that goes to Obamacare.” This accusation is, first and foremost, a lie. The $716 billion is in future savings on Medicare through reimbursements and overpayments to hospitals and private insurers, not impacting the care of Medicare users at all. The savings even preserve the life of Medicare, as the program could only last until 2016 without the savings. 

But, there’s a problem that is much bigger if Ryan tries to, in any way, mention this $716 billion number. The fact is the exact same savings on Medicare are in Ryan’s House budget (Ryan is the head of the Budget Committee in the House). Ryan’s plan also drastically reduces actual care in Medicare, turning the program into a voucher system for people 55 years of age or younger.

There’s no doubt that Biden will mention these points as Ryan recites his scripted attacks on President Obama and the administration, especially after the president didn’t defend himself in last Wednesday’s debate. 

There are other topics of interest that Ryan and Biden will definitely get into heated arguments over. For example, Ryan blamed the closing of a GM plant on the president in his RNC speech

The president’s saving of the auto industry is one of the vice president’s favorite things to talk about, and he’ll certainly challenge Ryan’s claims in the debate on Thursday. There are several other topics that will be discussed that, most-likely, will have about the same format the Medicare and auto-industry arguments. Ryan will stylistically make accusations towards the President and the Vice President will defend the administration with the use of facts.

The bottom line is, Biden, an experienced, tell-it-like-it-is liberal, and Ryan, a young, appealing conservative, will go head-to-head on Thursday in what is sure to be an entertaining hour and a half long debate.