Who Won the Jon Stewart Bill OReilly Debate: Livestream and Results


Tonight, Jon Stewart will debate Bill O’Reilly in what has been dubbed “The Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium.” The mock debate will take place at George Washington University, with each side representing their party’s respective views.  

While they have both agreed to an event of comedic nature, one can never forget that comedy is sometimes best used to deliver hard truths (which Stewart probably says whenever someone asks about his Emmys). Stewart and O’Reilly are familiar with each other and have interviewed each other numerous times but that doesn’t mean the entire affair will be civil.

The two are opposites in stature as well as political views. O’Reilly is essentially the super-ego bombastic personality that Stephen Colbert mocks, while Stewart tries his best to come off as the knavish, modest, self-deprecating, court jester. These personalities give them each advantages in the “debate.” Jon can sneak in swipes and points masked in a joking way that O’Reilly may not even notice. However, with O’Reilly he has quite an advantage in that he is allowed to get mad and lose his patience. I’m sure people expect it of him. Jon however was a stand-up comedian for decades before doing the Daily Show. So if there is one thing he can deal with it is hecklers, and if there’s one thing O’Reilly can be compared to it is a heckler.

No matter who wins or loses the debate is sure to be entertaining. Not only will it be entertaining but with half the proceeds going to charity you can actually feel good about watching it. Compared to Wednesday night’s debate it will surely be a barnburner. And who knows? Maybe we will actually hear some good points from both sides.