Seaward Cave in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Location: Where to find it and what's inside


Pokémon Sun and Moon is full of secrets, but there's no reason to miss out on some of the game's hidden extras. Early on in your adventure, you'll have a chance to check out Seaward Cave in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Here's how to find it and what you'll discover inside.

Where is Seaward Cave in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

Seaward Cave is hidden in Melemele Meadow, which is accessible from Route 3. You'll need to head there after completing your first trial with Captain Lima as part of a mission to track down Lillie. 

Once you enter the meadow, Lillie will tell you she's looking for Nebby, her pet Cosmog. Nebby is easy to find, but don't interact with it until you're ready to leave. Instead, explore the area looking for wild Pokémon and items. Then get ready to head into Seaward Cave.

To enter Seaward Cave you'll have to find a small hole in the wall at the bottom left edge of Melemele Meadow. Walk through the yellow flowers until you find it and then crawl into the opening to access this secret cave.


Seaward Cave in Pokémon Sun and Moon: Wild Pokémon inside

Seaward Cave is full of wild Pokémon, but you won't be able to catch most of them until later on in the game. For now, you can walk around to encounter Zubats and Digletts.

You'll want to return to Seaward Cave once you have the Ride Pokémon ability and a Super Rod. By surfing around in the cave's water you can find a Psyduck. Fishing there will allow you to catch even more impressive Pokémon, including Magikarp, Gyarados, Barboach and Whiscash.

Seaward Cave in Pokémon Sun and Moon: All the items

Eurogamer rounded up a full list of all the items in Seaward Cave and where to find them:

Great Ball: Bottom muddy path, next to a rock

Once you can ride Pokémon you'll want to return to Seaward Cave. Hop onto Tauros and break through a row of rocks to find the Expert Belt. IGN also notes that you can use Lapras to surf in Kala'e Bay after exiting at the bottom of the cave. Swim south to find TM05 Roar on the shore. There's also a Dive Ball available in the middle of the bay on a small island.

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