'Pokémon Go' CP Chart: Are these the best Pokémon after the latest adjustments?


Thanks to a recent update, the CP and attack and defense values for all but one of the Pokémon in Pokémon Go recently changed. Now it's time to figure out which Pokémon are best.

Pokémon Go community The Silph Road has been analyzing and crunching the new post-balance update stats since they were released. One member of the community says they've already figured out the new top 10 attackers, defenders and dual-purpose Pokémon. However, other trainers think the analysis is all wrong.


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The Silph Road community member Professor_Kukui gathered the data. Then another community member named ApolloEpisteme turned the data into the nice infographic you see above.

If this first pass at a new ranking holds any water, we're looking at some major changes to the metagame. For example, the Snorlax that was previously considered one of the best attackers in the game no longer even appears on the top 10 attackers list!

Pokémon Go CP Update: Trainers debate accuracy of early balance update analysis

If you're freaking out about these changes, there's still hope. Members of The Silph Road are not universally accepting this new ranking. In fact, some members are calling Professor_Kukui's data downright incorrect.

"There's also a surprisingly high amount of players that just believe charts like the new one by Professor_Kukui without thinking for themselves," writes redditor HerrPinkel. "It just needs to be highlighted that this ONLY takes into account the PURE mathematical aspect of DPS or the like, and ignores several practical aspects."

For instance, HerrPinkel cites the prevalence of Vaporeon, a water-type Pokémon. Therefore, anything that has a weakness against water cannot possibly be a top 10 defender, which would knock Rhydon off the list entirely. Rhydon occupies the number two slots in Professor_Kukui's new list.

Redditor MarquisPosa argues the same position, and points at the GamePress best attacker and defender rankings as an example of a ranking system that does take situational conditions into account. If these two trainers are correct then we really need to see if and how the Pokémon most commonly found at gyms will change before making any assessments about new top 10 lists.

In other words, don't go discounting any of your Pokémon yet just because of this balance update. Keep fighting with the Pokémon you love and see how they do, post-update.

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As we also use GamePress data for our best gym attackers and best gym defenders guides, Mic will be sticking with these analyses until a general consensus on new Pokémon rankings has been reached.