Drone footage takes you inside the aftermath of a gigantic earthquake in New Zealand

A drone captured the destructive result of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the South Island of New Zealand on Nov. 14. In addition to two deaths and destroyed infrastructure, the Kaikoura earthquake left its mark along the Kekerengu Fault near the epicenter of the event. Take a look at the staggering video below.

GNS Science, which provided the video footage above, estimates the length of the Kekerengu Fault rupture to be about 30 kilometers, or nearly 19 miles. In some segments of the fault, surveys showed as much as a 10 meter horizontal displacement as the quake ripped apart the earth. Parts of land along the fault were raised up vertically by two meters.

Since the Kaikoura earthquake hit New Zealand, thousands of aftershocks have rumbled through the islands and its surrounding waters, though most of them are too minuscule for people to feel. Still, the drone footage above provides an equally fascinating and terrifying look at the catastrophic power of Mother Nature.