'Pokémon Go' Thanksgiving Event End: Double XP and stardust dries up on Nov. 30


Did you gobble up bonus XP and stardust in Pokémon Go over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Good news: Turkey Day may be over, but the bonus points are still here.

The Pokémon Go Thanksgiving event ends on Wednesday, Nov. 30. That means you still have two more days to take advantage of these awesome bonuses.

Pokémon Go Thanksgiving event: You need stardust to account for the balance update

On Nov. 21, Niantic released a balance update for Pokémon Go that changed the stats for every species of Pokémon in the game but one (Lapras). Pokémon that were good gym attackers or defenders prior to the balance update may not be as powerful after the update.

That means you'll need to make adjustments in your attacker and defender lineups, which likely means training up some previously overlooked Pokémon. You'll need a ton of stardust to power up a bunch of different monsters, making the extra stardust from this Thanksgiving event a very well-timed blessing. 

You've still got a couple days to go, so grab all the stardust you can before the bonus point period runs out.

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