'Pokémon Sun and Moon' global mission: How to participate and win a big prize


The first Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission is officially here. Starting today, Pokémon trainers around the world have two weeks to complete a collective challenge with a pretty sweet prize. Here's everything you need to know to participate in the Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission and (hopefully) win.

Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission: How does it work?

The first global mission is simple but daunting. Pokémon Sun and Moon players have until Dec. 13 to catch 100 million Pokémon collectively. That may sound like an impossible goal, but it's actually not that ridiculous.

Nintendo shipped a whopping 10 million game units ahead of Pokémon Sun and Moon's release, and that's not even counting digital downloads. The game sold almost 2 million copies just in Japan in the first three days it was available, according to Famitsu. There are literally millions of people playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, meaning each person may only have to catch a couple dozen Pokémon for the entire group to succeed.

To participate in the Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission, just visit Festival Plaza, which is where all multiplayer activity takes place in the game. Then go into the castle, activate the computer to the right, hit "game sync" and create an account. Finally, talk to the woman next to the computer and she'll ask if you want to take part in global missions.

That's it. Now head back into the Alola region and do your part to help catch 100 million Pokémon worldwide.


Pokémon Sun and Moon global mission: What's the prize?

If the Pokémon community succeeds, each participating player will get 1,000 Festival Coins, according to the official announcement. Even if the goal isn't reached by Dec. 13, anyone who signs up will win 100 Festival Coins. So you might as well register, even if you don't plan on pitching in for this global mission.

Festival Coins are the currency used at Festival Plaza. You can buy items, pay for a bouncy house where your Pokémon can train or pick up dye to customize the color of your character's clothing. Your ranking also goes up as you get more coins, unlocking rewards and new activities in Festival Plaza.

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