'Overwatch' Oasis map update released on PTR, but Symmetra's rework still needs more time


The public test region for Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch received an update on Tuesday afternoon, adding the brand-new control map Oasis, which was first revealed at BlizzCon. Not only does Oasis have jump pads that can be used to traverse the map in new ways, but it also adds an environmental hazard that's new to Overwatch: traffic. 

Here's a GIF of that sweet jump pad mentioned earlier:

Overwatch PTR update patch notes

According to the Overwatch website, the only new thing added in Tuesday's patch was the Oasis map. Here's the relevant part from the patch notes:

New Control Map: Oasis

Symmetra rework still needs more time on the PTR

Those of you who were hoping the scheduled maintenance on Blizzard's servers might mean Symmetra's redesigned abilities would be making their way to the live version of Overwatch will probably be disappointed to hear she's not quite ready for prime time.

Blizzard Entertainmemtn

"We want to keep testing Symmetra on the PTR for a bit still," Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in post on Blizzard's forums on Tuesday.

Whether that means Symmetra's new toolkit is still actively being tweaked or whether Blizzard just wants to keep an eye on her stats for a bit longer remains to be seen, but she should be patched in soon — perhaps in another week or two.

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