Donald Trump blasts OSU attacker, says Somali refugee shouldn't have been in the U.S.


President-elect Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday to report that ISIS was taking credit for the attack at Ohio State University by student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, and that Artan, who was a refugee from Somalia, "should not have been in our country."

Artan allegedly drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians and attacked others with a butcher knife, injuring 11. He was fatally shot by a campus police officer.

Artan was a legal permanent resident of the United States with no history of violence or allegiance to terrorist organizations. Artan and his family fled Somalia for Pakistan in 2007 and came to the U.S. in 2014.

Before the attack, Artan expressed that he was scared to pray at school in an interview with the school newspaper.

Authorities believe the "lone wolf" attack was inspired by, but not backed by, ISIS

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but preliminary investigations suggest the attack was a "lone wolf" situation inspired by ISIS urging its followers to replicate a similar attack that occurred in Nice, France. Artan took to Facebook shortly before the attack to criticize the United States for "interfering with other countries" and stated, "if you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace." ISIS was not mentioned in the post.

This is a developing story and will be updated.