Aero Flux vs Apple AirPods: Which wireless earbuds should you get?


It was recently revealed that Apple is gearing up to ship the highly anticipated AirPods in time for Christmas. Initial excitement for the new device died down after months of delays, but the wireless earbuds are bound to be a hit given Apple's reputation. But perhaps it's not wise to toss your money to the company on the basis of its prestige alone — there are other options, and the Aero Flux wireless earbuds are a prime contender. 

Aero Flux vs. Apple AirPods — which are better?

Aero Flux wireless earbuds are billed as a cheaper alternative to the AirPods — founder Jack Kim said as much in a profile with Digital Trends. His product is currently available to pre-order for $89, nearly half of Apple's $159 AirPods price tag. For the average consumer, that dip in cost will be enticing.

But can the Aero Flux stand up to AirPods performance-wise? The two products share a number of similarities: Both utilize a Bluetooth connection to wirelessly transmit sound. Both come equipped with portable charging cases. And both feature intuitive CPUs that pause audio whenever you remove the earbuds. That being said, there are some distinctions that set the two apart. 

A case for the Apple AirPods

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

The Aero Flux can certainly challenge the AirPods, but the latter has a number of advantages. Most notable is the AirPods' inclusion of Siri, which makes them significantly more useful. With nothing but your voice, you can instruct Siri to place phone calls, adjust volume or search for directions — without ever touching your iPhone. 

The AirPods also feature some minor spec advantages over the Aero Flux. You get five hours of playback on a single AirPods charge compared to four with the Aero Flux. Additionally, using the charging case will net you 24 hours of total playback; the Aero Flux only grants you 16. And in a pinch, 15 mins of charging can power the AirPods for three hours. Aero Flux hasn't indicated its charging speed, but it's likely its charger won't be able to top that impressive pace.

Last, but not least, the AirPods will naturally sync with other Apple devices, providing an unparalleled level of convenience. 

A case for the Aero Flux


It's hard to compete with an industry leader like Apple, but the Aero Flux has a few things going for it. For one, these earbuds are water resistant, which will come in extreme handy whenever traveling through inclement weather. Another neat feature is the Aero Flux's ability to connect to two separate devices — one on each earbud. In terms of the sound quality, Aero Flux might have Apple beat. Its "AeroBoost" increases bass by up to two times compared to traditional earphones. 

Of course, the primary advantage of the Aero Flux is its cheaper cost. Granted, the earbuds' price will rise to $129 after the pre-order period, but the current $89 price tag is very alluring. You'll get solid wireless audio for a fraction of the AirPods' cost. 

Apple AirPods vs. Aero Flux: The verdict

When deciding on these two products, it ultimately comes down to what you value the most. Do you want access to a personal assistant and need to seamlessly connect to all of your Apple devices? AirPods are for you. Do you want an affordable pair of Bluetooth earbuds with water resistance? Go with the Aero Flux. Either way, you're acquiring a decent set of headphones for an increasingly wireless world.