Hostage situation at Jacksonville, Florida, bank ends with all hostages released

After authorities confirmed Thursday morning that a hostage situation was underway at Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida, local news station reports that all 11 hostages have been safely released.

Earlier in the day, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirmed via Twitter that hostage negotiators were on the scene, and also uploaded a live feed of the incident via the video streaming service Periscope.

Officials told ABC News that a 911 caller claimed to have heard shots fired inside the bank and that someone on the scene might have been shot, but local authorities said that they were unable to confirm that information at a news conference held Thursday morning. reports that a bank robbery suspect has been taken into custody.

One local woman, Latasha Shuman, told the news site that her 18-year-old son, who works inside the bank, had texted her around 11 a.m. to say, "Mama, I'm safe."

"I'm just so relieved," Shuman said.