Xur location Dec 2-4, 2016: What's his inventory in 'Destiny' today?


The character Xur is back this weekend with new Destiny weapons and other goodies to sell. Here's everything you need to know to track down Xur and buy some new loot to use in the popular sci-fi game

Where is Xur? Destiny location for Dec. 2-4, 2016

This week, Xur is hiding out at the Tower by the Crucible Quartermaster, according to handy tracking site Where is Xur.

Where Is Xur

If you're still having trouble, EuroGamer has step-by-step directions for finding Xur. "From where you begin, go straight ahead, down the steps, and Xur is to the left," the site explains.

EuroGamer also notes that you won't need recent Destiny expansion Rise of Iron to find Xur. So all players should be able to track him down.

Finally, here's a video to help you find Xur if you still haven't located him in the game.

Xur weapons and inventory in Destiny: Dec. 2-4, 2016

This week, Xur is selling The 4th Horseman, a shotgun with a 280-400 attack, for 23 Strange Coins. But is it worth picking one up? 

VG247 argues the 4th Horseman may look cool, but it's not that great as an actual weapon. Specifically, it isn't very powerful and reloads slowly, though dealing Arc damage is a nice perk. Still, you should probably just wait for something better.

You can also pick up various other equipment from Xur, including Peregrine Greaves (Titan Legs), a Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter Chest) and Voidfang Vestments (Warlock Chest) for 13 Strange Coins each. He's selling the Legacy Helmet Engram for 29 Strange Coins as well.

Finally, Xur is offering two weapon ornaments. For 25 Silver Dust each, you can grab Not a Toy (Zhalo Supercell) and Silver Bullet (Nemesis Star).