Presidential Polls 2012: 12 Reasons They Do Not Matter, From George Carlin


While the pundit class is worrying about the latest presidential polls and is portraying the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as titanic battle of total ideological opposites, George Carlin knew better. Carlin wasn't just a comedian; in many ways he was a philosopher. There are few if any areas of life he didn't touch on in his five decades of work. His favorite targets were all of the ugly and glaring flaws in American society, which he mercilessly hammered away at in his shows and books. He was a master at holding up to society a kind of fun-house mirror that crudely displayed its social features, and getting people to laugh at it just the same. And that was an important lesson in his comedy/philosophy: things must never be taken too seriously, least of all presidential elections. We are all worse off that Carlin is no longer around, providing hilarious yet astute insights about the state of our republic. Lucky for us, his critiques from years past are just as applicable today as they were then, if not more so. 

So while most people seem to be all worked up about the presidential election, here are 12 problems with American society that won't be solved by either candidate: (Warning: STRONG LANGUAGE)

1. Stupidity


2. Superstition

3. Dumb laws

4. Advertising

5. American hypocrisy

6. Drug money-laundering bankers

7. Political Correctness

8. The de-masculinization of the American man

9. Cigar-smoking businessmen

10. The persistence of the Ten Commandments as a moral code

11. Warmongering (Highly recommended)

12. The meaninglessness of voting