'Pokémon Go' Update: Top 10 new attackers chart after balance changes may surprise you


If you're a devoted gym battler in Pokémon Go, the recent balance update may have screwed up your attacker squad. It's time to fix it.

GamePress has updated its "best attackers" infographic, which breaks down the best gym attackers into four tiers. Most of the Pokémon in the top tier will be recognizable faces in Pokémon Go's endgame. However, the list also has a few surprises.

Pokémon Go update: The five top-tier gym attackers

Pokémon Go Research Team/GamePress

As the top 20 attacker and defender lists (as determined by total damage output calculations show), Snorlax, Dragonite and Vaporeon continue to dominate Pokémon Go's endgame. Rhydon was buffed in the recent balance update, and so his inclusion in Tier 1 on the GamePress rankings is no surprise.

What does come as a surprise is naming Alakazam as a top-tier attacker. After all, Alakazam doesn't even appear on the top 20 lists released by some of the analysts at the Silph Road. 

In the explanation for how dodging was included in the calculations for this update to the gym attackers tier list, GamePress says Alakazam was added to Tier 1 owing to how quickly it dodges and the increased number of Pokémon Go players that are actively dodging during gym battles.

Pokémon Go update: Gengar and Omanyte make the new top gym attackers list.

Pokemon Go Research Team/Game Press

Lapras, Exeggutor and Gyarados, three more acknowledged endgame Pokémon, are appropriately placed in the next tier of attackers. Gengar's inclusion in this group is a surprise, and GamePress says it's based on Gengar's dodging performance.

The real shocker in Tier 1.5 is Omastar, the evolved form of Omanyte. GamePress still hasn't added most of the summaries that appear below the infographic that explain why different Pokémon are on the list, but there must be something special about Omastar's dodge abilities as well. Omastar so far hasn't appeared on any top-attackers or -defenders lists following the balance update.

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