'Final Fantasy 15' Summons List: How to unlock and summon all the Astrals


One of the main hallmarks of the Final Fantasy series is the ability to summon powerful spirits, monsters and deities to fight on your behalf. Final Fantasy 15 is no different — but it's a little confusing to figure out.

In Final Fantasy 15, summons are called "Astrals," and they don't work like other magic. Instead of summoning whenever you feel like it, each one requires a certain set of conditions to be met. When a prompt appears on screen after meeting those conditions, you can then summon them.

Here's the full list of Astrals, along with how to unlock and trigger each one, according to RPG Site, which got its information from the official Final Fantasy 15 guide book.

Final Fantasy 15 Astral summons list and guide


How to unlock: You'll unlock Titan as a part of the main storyline in chapter four.

How to summon: Titan is more likely to trigger when one or more allies are incapacitated.


How to unlock: Ramuh unlocks during the Fociaugh Hollow quest line in chapter five.

How to summon: Ramuh is more likely to trigger the longer a battle carries on.


How to unlock: Complete the main quests in chapter nine.

How to summon: Leviathan is only triggered when Noctis is in the "Danger" status — when his health hits zero and he's staggering around — near a body of water.


How to unlock: Complete the main quest line in chapter 12.

How to summon: Shiva's triggers seem to be a combination of Ramuh's and Titan's. Both incapacitations and the length of a battle will increase the chances that Shiva appears.

Bahamut and Ifrit

How to unlock: These two appear at certain points in the story, but aren't summonable like the other four listed above.


How to unlock: Carbuncle is a bonus summon only available to those who have played through the Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo for PS4.

How to summon: Carbuncle is triggered when several members of the party enter "Danger" status.

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