Magearna QR Code for US, Europe and Japan: How to scan it in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon'


The Magearna QR code distribution reminds Pokémon Sun and Moon players there's more than one way to catch 'em all. The folks at the Pokémon Company have finally revealed the official QR code for the Steel and Fairy type legendary Pokémon Magearna. Here's how to get it.

Magearna QR Code: How to scan it in Pokémon Sun and Moon


Taking part in the Magearna QR code distribution event couldn't be easier — if you've completed the main game, that is. Once you've beat Pokémon Sun and Moon, load up the in-game QR scanner by pressing the X button and selecting it. After loading the scanner, line up your 3DS console's camera with the Magearna QR code above. Once the legendary Pokémon is scanned, you'll want to visit the deliveryman at Hau'oli City's Antiquities of Ages shop. He'll be the one to hand over Magearna.

Make sure to scan the distribution code soon. The Magearna QR code event will end March 5, 2017.

Magearna's QR Code: What about Europe and Japan?


It isn't just North America that gets to enjoy the Pokémon Sun and Moon Magearna event distribution. Players in Japan and Europe will get the legendary too. 

Players in Japan can use the QR code shown above to scan Magearna into their Pokémon Sun and Moon game. Folks in Europe will have to wait a bit longer, and we'll update when it's made available.

Update: Here's the Magearna QR code for Europe (via Serebii).


Magearna stats In Pokémon Sun and Moon

The reveal trailer for the redeemable Gen 7 legendary offers Pokémon Sun and Moon players clues as to the power that Magearna offers. The QR code distribution offers Magearna at level 50 with the ability Soul Heart. According to Bulbapedia, the ability raises Magearna's Special Attack one stage for each foe it faints (similar to Moxie's effect on a Pokémon's Attack stat). Smogon's forums note that Magearna's highest base stat is its Special Attack at 130, complementing well with its learnable moves like Aurora Beam, Psybeam and Aura Sphere. If you're into those sorts of things.

The Magearna QR code event will not only yield the Steel/Fairy legendary, but also the held item Bottle Cap. The item can be traded to Mr. Hyper to maximize a Pokémon's individual values, optimizing it for battle. Just make sure you have your Pokémon's effort values straight as well.

Pokémon Sun and Moon events won't end when the Magearna event is over in March. With the upcoming Battle Of Alola competition and even more event distributions, Pokémon fans will have plenty of opportunities to keep catching and battling.

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Dec. 6, 2016, 7:31 p.m.: This story has been updated.