Antiquities of the Ages shop location: Where to pick up Magearna in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon'


Wondering where to find the Antiquities of the Ages in Hau'oli City so you can pick up your Magearna in Pokémon Sun and Moon? Here's everything you need to know about the antique shop where the mythical Pokémon can be found.

Where to pick up Magearna in Pokémon Sun and Moon: Antiquities of the Ages location

To pick up your free Magearna you'll need to visit Antiquities of the Ages, a small shop located in the Hau'oli shopping mall. According Samurai-Gamers, the store can be found in the upper-right level of the mall. 

Here's what it looks like:


To reach the mall, you'll need to beat Hala, the Grand Kahuna of Melemele Island. You'll also need to find and scan Magearna's QR code. Once that's complete, talk to the deliveryman at Antiquities of the Ages to get your new Pokémon.

Antiquities of the Ages shop: Everything you need to know

The Antiquities of the Ages shop is also a useful place to visit if you're looking to beef up your Pokémon. The store sells a variety of items that give Pokémon special abilities when held. At first, the shop will only offer four items, but once you complete three grand trials, more items will become available.

Here's a full list of the items available from Antiquities of the Ages:


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