'Super Mario Run' World 1 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4

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If you tend to get a little frustrated with 2-D sidescrollers but still can't resist them, Super Mario Run is going to be equal parts exciting and frustrating. And the game's extra challenge of tracking down pink coins hidden in each level will only make things more difficult.

Fortunately, we've compiled a handy list of tips and tricks to help get you through the Super Mario Run's deceptively simple levels, and we've also compiled where and how to get the pink coins in each level. So let's get running and start with the first of the game's six worlds! 

When you're done, check out our guides to World 2 and World 3.

Super Mario Run 1-1 walkthrough: "Up and Over"

The first level of Super Mario Run is pretty tame, given that it's the first level outside the tutorial you'll be doing, but there are still a few tricks to help you out. If you can hit either one of the two question blocks at the very beginning you'll get a super mushroom. If you're lucky enough to hit both blocks, you can collect both items and get a 5-coin bonus for the second one. It's tricky, but you can pull it off with good timing. 

Hitting either of these blocks at the beginning of 1-1 will give you a super mushroom, allowing Mario to take an extra hit.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Your first real challenge comes a little bit after when you reach a depression with a Goomba and a pink coin in it. If you jump to hit the pink coin, you'll have to remember to press and hold the screen to jump higher when you hit the Goomba at the bottom. That should be enough to clear the pipe in front of you and keep running forward without wasting any time.

If you tap your screen while Mario is vaulting over an enemy (which he does automatically as you run past them) you can use them to jump, but unless you hold down after you tap the screen, Mario won't make it over the pipe.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The only other real problem you're likely to run into during this introductory level comes about halfway through when you reach a small pit with some question block platforms on one side and a small wall on the other. If you mess up your jump while on the platform, chances are you won't clear the wall and Mario will begin sliding down the side of it. Tapping jump when this happens will cause Mario to jump off the side of the wall, launching him back onto the other side of the pit. It's disorienting and can cause some tapped panic jumps that could see you falling into the pit if you're not careful.

If you don't clear the wall on the far end of this pit, an ill-timed jump could send you flying back to the opposite side, costing you valuable time.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Other than that, it should be smooth sailing to the end of the level: Simply follow the trails of coins and you'll be there in no time. Just watch out if you're jumping from a lower level to a higher one. If Mario makes contact with an enemy from below, he'll take damage, and without a super mushroom to absorb the hit you could be starting the stage over again.

Super Mario Run 1-1 pink coin locations

As "Up and Over" is the first level, the coins aren't too hard to grab even if you're going through the level for the first time.

The first pink coin is hard to miss since there's a big line of coins leading to it. Simply jump to grab it, or hop on the Goomba if you're feeling especially stylish.

It'll be pretty hard to miss the first coin in Up and Over since it's directly in your path: a common theme for this level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin is floating above a small ledge formed by three question blocks. If you get up onto those three blocks, it should be very easy from there to jump off and grab the coin.

You'll have to be on the middle platform in order to reach this second coin effectively.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is on top of some platforms, and it shouldn't be hard to get up to the required height by the time the coin shows up.

Thankfully it's not hard to jump up on these platforms to get the third coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

While navigating some short pipes, you'll see the fourth coin above you on a ledge. With a well-timed jump, you should be able to grab it without issue.

The fourth coin is also decidedly hard to miss, but rest assured, they'll get more difficult as the game progresses.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin is right before the home stretch of the level. It's on top of another platform with four Goombas on it. With some fast hopping, you can get all the Goombas and leap to the coin, but the Goombas might mess up your flow, causing you to miss.

Although not a particularly tricky jump, vaulting off the last Goomba here can cause you to sail right past the final pink coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 1-2 walkthrough: "Wall-Kicking It Underground"

As the name of this level implies, it's another introductory level designed to get you comfortable with a new mechanic: the wall jump. Much like level 1-2 in the original Super Mario game, it's underground. That means you won't have to worry much about in terms of falling into pits, but the pipes in this level are full of Piranha Plants so be careful.

Don't be fooled by the lack of pits in 1-2: these pipes contain Piranha Plants, so you'll need to be quick on the jump button to avoid ending up as a Piranha Plant snack.Alex Borkowski/Mic

That said, the level is pretty straightforward. Try to stay on the top portions of the level since that's where most of the coins are. Other than that, as long as you keep watch for the Piranha Plants, you aren't likely to run into much trouble, until the tail end of the level, where you're forced to wall jump up a crevasse with two pipes on it. You'll have to time your jumps just right so you don't slide off the wall, but also so you don't get chomped by the two plants that periodically emerge to ruin your day.

You have to be careful in where and when you jump in order to make it to the top of this area, since the Piranha Plants will damage you if you touch them.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Once that's dealt with, you have a short section above ground with two Goombas, and then you're home free.

Super Mario Run 1-2 pink coin locations

The pink coins in "Wall-Kicking It Underground" will require you to take the high road in several situations.

The first coin is in the starting area. After you've made the initial wall jump up to an area where two Goombas are walking toward you, you should see another wall you can wall jump up. Doing that successfully will land you on top of a ledge. On the far side of that ledge past a Piranha Plant is the first pink coin.

With a little bit of wall jumping practice, it should be no trouble to grab the first coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin is tricky to get to. A little after the first coin, you'll reach another wall jumping area which requires you to get about halfway up it in order to advance. However, if you opt to slide down a little on the ledge before jumping off it, you can make it further up the side of the opposite, wall, allowing you to reach a small ledge where you can get up to the second coin.

You could probably make it to this coin with some frenetic wall jumps, but it's better to time your jumps so that you can reach the other side of the wall.Alex Borkowski/Mic

About halfway through the level, you'll reach a hill that Mario slides down, knocking a bunch of hapless Goombas out of the way. You can ride it all the way to the bottom, or you can jump off at about the midway point (indicated by an arrow) and launch yourself onto yet another ledge you'll find the third pink coin.

By interrupting Mario's leisurely slide down the hill in the level's midpoint with a jump, you can launch him onto this platform where the third coin is.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin comes at the bottom of another hill you can slide down. If you jump off while sliding in time to collide with the wall opposite it, you can wall jump to the top of it and find the penultimate coin.

Another mid-slide jump at the tail end of the level will let you land on this precarious platform where the fourth coin is.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin is the easiest spotted, but the trickiest to get. It's in a patch of coins that's visible from the ground, but you'll have to time your wall jumps to avoid two Piranha Plants in order to get it.

It's going to take some nerves of steel (or at least good timing) in order to get the final pink coin without getting chomped by the Piranha Plant.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 1-3 walkthrough: "Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley"

By this point, hopefully, you've been honing your skills in jumping and hitting enemies, because you're going to need to be able to do both in order to survive Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley.

Right as the level starts, a super mushroom sits on a platform a little higher than Mario. If you can hit the Paratroopa (the flying Koopa) or one of the Goombas just right, you'll propel yourself up to the super mushroom and have a good advantage for the rest of the level, but if you mess up the timing, you might collide directly with the Paratroopa and be out one of your bubbles before the level even starts.

If you're susceptible to panic jumping, chances are more than a few of your runs on this level will end right here once you collide with the Paratroopa.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Other than the constant threat of Mario plummeting to his death from the tops of the mushrooms you're running on, this level is pretty straight forward. If you keep to the lower levels, you'll find a red coin ring: collect all five and you'll get a Super Star, which will grant you temporary invincibility and a coin magnet, making it easier to grab those pesky pink coins.

Depending on your reaction time, the Red Coin Ring in 1-3 can either be an easy way to get some extra coins, or a constant source of frustration.Alex Borkowski/Mic

"Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley" also introduces a new type of block with an arrow pointing to the right. If you hit jump while Mario is on these blocks, he'll leap forward, which, depending on your luck and timing, can either net you a ton of coins or launch you into harm's way. 

The leap blocks are great for propelling Mario through rings of coins, but haphazard timing will cause him to fall off the stage very quickly.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Once you've navigated 1-3's various pratfalls and plunges, you'll be nearing the end of the first world (and the end of your free levels, if you opted not to pay the $9.99 for the full game). Beyond lies Bowser's first castle.

Super Mario Run 1-3 pink coin locations

The pink coins in "Paratroopas in Mushroom Valley" can be easy to miss because of the amount of time you spend flying through the level using the launch blocks, but with a little practice, they're still all out in the open.

Right as the level starts, you can utilize a launch block on an upper-level mushroom that will propel you through a big bunch of coins, one of which is the first pink coin.

Make sure you hold down jump for long enough when launching yourself, or you might sail under the pink coin and miss it entirely.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin requires you to use a Paratroopa to launch yourself up to a higher mushroom. It's best to try to bounce off the Paratroopa right as you see him, but you can rest on a conveniently placed pause block and wait for him to come back if you miss your first chance.

The second coin requires a well-timed bounce off a Paratroopa in order to get up to this ledge where it resides.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is also guarded by a Paratroopa, but it's a slightly easier jump. Even if you bungle the timing, you might still be able to get it when you land on the platform below it.

Another Paratroopa to bounce off, another pink coin. Even if you miss it on the initial bounce, you might still be able to grab it when you land on the platform.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin is underneath a big mushroom platform in the back half of the level. It can be kind of tricky to get without hitting the Goombas on the platform above. Other than that, it's just a quick jump and grab.

You'll have to thread the needle between the Paratroopa and the Goombas in order to get this coin, since hitting the Paratroopa will likely cause you to collide with the other.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin requires you to ignore the launch blocks immediately before it, instead simply rolling off to collect the coin. It's going to be tough to kick the habit of jumping constantly, but doing nothing is technically easier.

Although it would be much more fun to jump, resist the urge and simply roll down to the platform where the final Pink Coin is.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 1-4 walkthrough: "Bowser's Castle Hangout"

It really wouldn't be a Mario game if each world didn't end with our intrepid plumber storming Bowser's lava-filled castle to rescue his princess. Since Mario can't stop moving in Super Mario Run, you can expect to have to do a little more work in order to avoid from running head-first into fireballs. Fortunately, the game gives you several new types of blocks to make sure you can make it to Bowser unscathed.

The level starts under an alcove where a super mushroom is hiding. If you press jump while on the blocks along the floor with a left-pointing arrow, Mario will do a backflip to the left, and if you've timed it correctly, you'll land on the top of the alcove and collect the super mushroom, which will be indispensable for the rest of the level.

By hitting jump while running across these blocks, Mario will backflip and land on the nearest ledge, which in this case allows him to collect an early super mushroom.Alex Borkowski/Mic

While running along the top of the level, you'll also notice blocks on the ceiling with rungs on them. If you jump at these, Mario will pull himself along like he's climbing monkey bars. Not only will that help you avoid enemies, but it's also necessary for grabbing some of the pink coins.

By using the monkey bar blocks, Mario can avoid most of the traps and pitfalls of 1-4, but at some point, he'll have to come down and deal with the lava and fireballs along the floor.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Eventually, you'll come to areas where fireballs shoot out from the floor. Since you can't stop Mario from running in this game, timing is of the utmost importance for you to get through it. Thankfully, the game places a pause block right where you need it. Mario stops when standing on this block, and won't start running again until you tap the screen. So you can take a second to breathe before heading back into action.

Since you can't stop Mario from moving forward, using the pause block can give you some much needed breathing room so you don't run into one of these fireballs. Don't take too long though: you've only got 90 seconds to get through!Alex Borkowski/Mic

Once you've made it through a couple particularly devious fireball traps, you'll land on a pause block right in front of Bowser himself, who's standing on a bridge with an axe behind him. Just like in the original Super Mario, your goal is to get behind Bowser and cut the chain holding the bridge up using the axe. Again, since Mario runs continuously, this can be sort of tricky.

Who leaves an axe lying around in their lava-filled castle of death? Honestly.Alex Borkowski/Mic

There are a couple ways you can go about getting behind Bowser. If you've got a super mushroom, you can always just bum rush him, take the hit and leap by while you're still invincible. 

However, if you're small Mario it's best to wait. Bowser will leap up in the air before walking backward, then he'll walk towards you and shoot a fireball. If you jump while he's walking backward, you'll hit his shell and die. But if you time your jump when he's walking forward, you'll sail over him to cut the chain. You can also tap jump again while in the air to do a twirl, though Mario still moves down while this is happening. Once you make it across the bridge, this Bowser will then reveal himself to be a fake and fall into the lava. After a short cutscene in which the real Bowser flies away with Peach, you'll move on to the next world.

Super Mario Run 1-4 pink coin locations

As if it weren't hard enough to simply make it through the traps of "Bowser's Castle Hangout," you'll need some quick reflexes if you want to grab those pink coins which are hiding around.

The first coin requires you to be on the top portion of the stage, utilizing the monkey bar blocks. After climbing along the top of the stage for a little while, the blocks will end and you'll drop down, directly onto the first coin.

Prepare to get comfortable with the monkey bar blocks in Bower's Castle Hangout, since you won't be able to get the Pink Coins without them.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin requires you to be on the bottom of the stage, ignoring the high ground that keeps you safe from the lava pits and fireballs. As you're running along the bottom, eventually you'll find another set of monkey bar blocks. The second coin will be at the end of a line of coins you can reach from there.

If you execute this correctly, you'll be on the monkey bars freely climbing towards the second Pink Coin. If not, then you've got a hot date with some fiery lava.Alex Borkowski/Mic

To get the third coin, you're going to have to get back to the top of the level. By utilizing a backflip brick which comes just after a destructible platform, you can jump on top of that platform and reach another set of monkey bar blocks, which will drop you off onto a platform just as a group of fireballs is going back down, allowing you to grab the coin.

The fireballs might seem scary, but you'll actually have more than enough time to grab the coin and keep running if you use the monkey bars at the top here.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin requires a deft touch. As you run along the level, you'll see a floating platform with arrows pointing to the left. Jump onto this platform and then jump again, to grab to some monkey bar blocks that will drop you right onto an otherwise unreachable platform with the coin.

With some cool backflips and a healthy amount of climbing, it's not hard to get to the fourth coin in Bowser's Castle Hangout.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Finally, some quick wall jumps up a crevasse near the end of the level will let you grab (you got it!) another set of those monkey bar blocks which you can take all the way to a small platform with the last Pink Coin at the end.

If you can get the wall jumps down, little stands in the way of you grabbing the final coin of the level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

And with that, all the pink coins in World 1 should be yours! 

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