The ultimate vegan gift guide for your animal-loving, food-obsessed friends


While being friends with a vegan may feel like you're constantly depriving them of tasty treats, let the holidays be the time you celebrate their veganism and indulge them with vegan-approved gifts. 

Editor's note: Prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays. 

Vegan milk chocolate

Raaka Chocolate

Going dairy-free doesn't mean having to miss out on holiday sweets. This Brooklyn-made vegan milk chocolate is made with coconut milk for creaminess, tempting enough to lure anyone over to the milk-free side. $7.95,

Dairy-free cheese making kit  

Urban Cheesecraft/Etsy

For the vegan who still longs for cheese, this nut, seed and veggie-based cheese kit is the perfect DIY gift. $25,

Dr-Cow sample cheese box


For the less industrious cheese-loving vegan, send an overnight shipment of nut cheeses, in both hard and soft varieties. $85,

Dandies all-natural mini marshmallows

Lucky Vitamin

'Tis the season of gelatinous marshmallows on everything, so give the gift of animal-free marshmallows to top off any celebratory hot chocolates. $3.79,

Rancho Gordo great beans wooden gift box

Rancho Gordo

Protein for a vegan? How creative. But seriously, this set of four types of specialty beans straight from California wine country will up your vegan's winter soup and stew game to new levels. $27.95,

Teavana ruby spice cider tea-filled tin


Unlike fresh holiday cider, this cider-spiced tea stays fresh for the months following the holidays, so your vegan can cuddle up with a hot mug whenever she's eager for some sippable comfort. Plus, the reusable tin adds some much-needed color to dire winter days. $45,

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Rodale Press

Plant-based cooking duo Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, i.e. the vegans behind Thug Kitchen, released their third cookbook in 2016, which focuses on quick and easy recipes that can all be made in under 45 minutes! For the vegan who is more eager to stuff their face with French fries than a French bean salad, this cookbook is perfect. $18.05,

Just Spices seasonings

Just Spices

Without meat and dairy products, vegans rely on natural spices and herbs to flavor their veggies, so what better gift to share than that of flavor? German-based Just Spices scores the world for the best spice blends, smoothies, soups and beyond and packages them in brightly colored tubes that are so wonderfully giftable. $6.99,

Snarky vegan mug


Speaks for itself. $16.50,

Vegan wine 

Ciù Ciù Azienda Agricola

While many wines are not considered vegan, Ciù Ciù Azienda Agricola, is one of only 10 wineries in Italy to be certified "Vegetarian Vegan Quality" for its organic, animal-product free wines available in red and white varietals. $18 and up,

Customizable Bow & Drape sweatshirt

Bow and Drape

Bow & Drape's extensive selection of sequin lettering and food emoji lets you customize a vegan-themed cotton sweatshirt for any and all unique vegans. $65,

Fruit keg-tapping kit

Uncommon Goods

Turn pretty much any melon (or pumpkin!) into a keg with this kit that makes drinking just so much more fun. $19.99,

Gold artichoke pendant

Delicacies Jewelry

For the artichoke enthusiast, gift a luxurious food-inspired charm that adds a subtle hint of veganism to any outfit. Other herbs, veggies and fruits are available. $300, 

A donation to PETA

Richard Vogel/AP

Hey, they're asking for it. And it's better than the human fund... Your choice,

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