14 high school students sent to the hospital after eating gummy bears

After eating gummy bears potentially contaminated with "another substance," 14 high school students in a Chicago suburb were hospitalized, according to the Naperville School District Facebook page. 

Students told the police that the candies were infused with marijuana, but authorities have yet to confirm this, CBS News reported. 

Students felt "uncomfortable and sick," the Naperville School District post stated, noting two students were in stable condition and are still being evaluated while 11 others have already been released. 

Dangers of weed gummies

No one can say whether the high schoolers ate the alleged weed gummies by accident or on purpose, but marijuana gummy candies have been the center of several recent debates nationwide. Colorado officially banned gummies in kid-friendly shapes (e.g. bears and fish) in June 2016. The goal: to protect unsuspecting consumers and children from eating drug-laced candies by accident. This was the pot-friendly state's first official ban on a type of edible. 

The edibles market has exploded in states where marijuana is legal, but every state has taken a different approach to regulating edibles so far.