'Super Mario Run' World 2 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4

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In our last walkthrough for Super Mario Run, we showed you how to get through the World 1 and thwarted an imposter Bowser's attempts to impede our progress at rescuing Princess Peach. World 2 ups the ante by forcing you to learn new techniques and finding creative uses for old ones in order to combat its traps and puzzles. So let's get started, shall we?

When you're done, move along to World 3.

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Super Mario Run 2-1 walkthrough: "Ghost-Door Deception"

Halloween might have ended two months ago, but the first level of World 2 drops Mario into a haunted mansion with deceitful doors at every turn. The object of this level is simple: Find the door that leads to the next area, avoid the Boos that float around (and often stand directly in front of the doors you need to get through) and get out of this spooky mansion alive.

In practice, it's not so simple. This level consists of three parts, each with three doors in them, but only one leads to progress, while the other two send you back to the red door at the beginning. The correct door changes each time you play, so there's no way to memorize the correct route.

However, you can tell which doors are fake by the way they shake periodically, so it's worth standing on the pause block to observe which door doesn't shake. That's especially true in the first room, where you can see all three from the pause block.

You start this level on a pause block, which stops the timer. Use that to your advantage to see which door doesn't shake, representing the way forward.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second room is a little trickier. The doors are positioned vertically, so you can't get a good look at at all three at once. The bounce pads in the room can also make it difficult to actually get where you need to go, so you're best off spending some time in this room getting a feel for the bounce pads (and looking for the pink coins).

Since this room is vertically oriented, it's a little more difficult to see which doors are fake, but you can always find out through trial and error.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third room is, thankfully, much smaller, and if you can get to the top of it, you can climb around on a set of monkey bar blocks to see which door isn't shaking. Drop down to it at your leisure to go through and say farewell to "Ghost-Door Deception."

The monkey bar blocks on the top of this part of the level make it incredibly easy to see which door is real and which doors are fake, provided you take your eyes off the Boos.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-1 pink coin locations

The pink coins in "Ghost-Door Deception" are tricky to find. There may be just three rooms in the entire level, but some of the coins are hidden and require multiple loops through the rooms to find.

The first coin is arguably the easiest one to get. Scale to the top of the first part of the level and you'll see it sitting on a ledge above the middle door. Just watch out for Boos and avoid heading through the correct door, which would kill your chances of grabbing all five coins.

With some deft dodging of the Boos in the early part of the stage to get to the top of it, the first pink coin should be pretty easy to grab.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second and third pink coins are both in the second part of the level. The second coin is hidden in a vertical line of coins that you can activate by using the bounce pad furthest to the right of the screen. It will take one jump to activate the coin and then another jump to collect it. The third coin is sitting above and to the right of the top door, which, depending on the odds, might be the correct door to advance. So be careful and try not to head through it accidentally, just in case!

Coin Two (lower right) requires you to reveal it by jumping on the bounce pad to touch it before you can collect it. Coin Three (top left) only requires you to manage to reach it.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Coins Four and Five are in the final real room of the mansion and are a little easier to get. You can find the fourth coin by grabbing hold of the monkey bar blocks in the middle of the stage, but watch out, because a sneaky Boo loves to pop out of the first block and ruin your run.

While you grab the fourth pink coin, take a moment to consider how a ghost would even attach itself to the underside of a block, and why it would do so. It is a ghost, surely it has something better to do.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin is hidden in a line of coins at the top of the stage. You can use the monkey bar blocks to make them appear and then collect them on a second pass, but it's time-consuming. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to get to the exit as well!

Although Mario has mysteriously vanished from this image, you'll need to cross the top of the stage on the monkey bars once to activate the fifth coin, and then once more to collect it.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-2 walkthrough: "Sky-High Lifts and Leaps"

If your main complaint about "Ghost-Door Deception" was that there simply weren't enough opportunities to send Mario falling to his death in the clouds, then you're in luck. "Sky-High Lifts and Leaps" has pitfalls aplenty for everyone's favorite red-shirted plumber. You better be prepared to leap from falling platforms and dodge Bullet Bills if you're looking to make it through to the next area.

The gimmick of "Sky-High Lifts and Leaps" is the yellow platforms that either move along with you or wait until you step on them to move. The latter move along a fixed path and then launch themselves off the rails. That can lead to a quick end for you if you're not good about timing your jumps. Other than that, the stage is very straightforward: Run along the tops of the platforms, avoid the Bullet Bills and make it to the flag at the end of the stage.

Some of the yellow platforms in 2-2 will launch Mario into the air (and into the path of Bullet Bills) before plummeting off the screen. So don't stay on them any longer than you have to.Alex Borkowski/Mic

About halfway through the level, you'll also notice a purple block with what appears to be a wildly spinning clock in it. If you hit it, you'll get an additional 10 seconds on your timer, which will allow you slightly more wiggle room when it comes to finishing the stage.

Hit this block for an extra 10 seconds to finish a stage, or run right past it because you don't need it! The choice is yours.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The last thing of note in 2-2 comes about two-thirds of the way through the stage, when you'll come across a blue switch with a white "P" on it. Hitting this switch (either by jumping on it or hitting the jump button while vaulting over it) will cause it to spawn a number of blue coins for a limited time. Each coin you collect this way will add two coins to your total, so it's well worth it to trigger the switch and collect as many as you can!

Hitting this switch will spawn a number of blue coins worth double the regular gold coins, but make sure you hold the jump button after you trigger it because Mario has a bad habit of flubbing the follow-up jump and missing the next platform entirely if you don't.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-2 pink coin locations

Much like 1-3, the last high altitude level we covered in Super Mario Run, the pink coins in "Sky-High Lifts and Leaps" will require you to make some precise jumps. You'll also have to tangle with a few Bullet Bills.

The first coin is near the beginning of the stage, at the top of a series of platforms that launch you higher into the air each time. The coin is in a small clump of them at the top of your jump, so wait until you see the platform reach its peak and begin to fall before trying to grab this coin or you'll come up short.

Jump too soon and you won't be able to reach this coin, but jump too late and the Bullet Bill flying by will get you.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The next coin seems like it's a gimme. You land on a platform and the coin is directly to your right, but it's not that simple. The platform moves in a counter-clockwise motion. So you either have to wait for it to make a full rotation or you can just wait until you're under the coin as the platform descends and jump for it.

If you're impatient, you can wait for the platform to lower a little before jumping to collect the coin, but it doesn't take that long for the platform to complete a full rotation either.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is the easiest to mess up because it requires you to vault off a Bullet Bill just right in order to grab it. If you're going to miss one, chances are this is the culprit.

It seems a little excessive to leap off a moving bullet with an angry face on it just for a differently colored coin, to be perfectly honest, but that's what you have to do in order to grab coin three.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth pink coin is on a platform at the end of a short series of leaps, but the momentum can be kind of tricky to get down. Be careful or Mario could go sailing off the edge of the screen entirely. You can wall-kick your way back to a lower platform and try again, but it's not an exact science.

There's a good chance this platform will be moving down by the time you get there, so you should jump a little earlier than you think you need to in order to land on it and not collide with the far wall.Alex Borkowski/Mic

After a lot of leaping and falling, the final coin for the level gives you a much-needed break. It sits perfectly still on an easily reachable platform near the end. It's pretty difficult to miss, even if you've been breezing through the level.

As long as you wait for the platform to reach the upper right-hand corner of its path, you'll have no trouble grabbing the final coin for 2-2.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-3 walkthrough: "Treasure-Hoarding Swoops"

Another world, another cave level. Level 2-3 is lousy with small blue bats called Swoops, and it will test your ability to jump off moving enemies in order to reach high places and coins. That's no easy feat.

The level begins with a tantalizingly placed Super Mushroom directly in your path, but watch out! A Swoop will make its way towards you while you're trying to grab it, and if you're not careful you could end up back at the beginning of the level, or lose the effect of the Super Mushroom almost immediately.

Getting a Super Mushroom this early can make the rest of the level a lot easier, but that Swoop chilling just underneath it can really ruin your day if you're not careful.Alex Borkowski/Mic

A little later in the level, you'll come across another blue "P" switch. Unlike the one in "Sky-High Lifts and Leaps," you're going to want to stay on the ground to collect as many of the blue coins as you can. 

Hop off that Swoop and onto that switch! The blue coins will also lead you right to one of the pink coins in the area, provided you're able to make a tricky jump.Alex Borkowski/Mic

As long as you keep avoiding the Swoops and the pits placed all over the level, it won't be long until you reach a Red Coin Ring, which will (as usual) spawn a Super Star you can use to really rack up the coins and trivialize most of the rest of the level. However, getting some of these coins will require you to bounce off a few Swoops while in the air, and the final coin has a nasty habit of disappearing right as you're trying to grab it, so it pays to be quick as well.

The first few red coins aren't too hard to grab, but the last two require you to vault off that Swoop in the air, and the last one is easy to miss even if you can pull all that off. The Super Star they give you is more than worth it though.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-3 pink coin locations

Unlike "Wall-Kicking It Underground," the cave level from the previous world, most of the pink coins in 2-3 are pretty easy to spot, if not always easy to grab. You'd better be ready to jump off some Swoops!

The first pink coin is at the top of a wall near the beginning of the stage. It's not hard to jump on the pink and green rock platforms in order to grab it, but even if you mess that up some quick thinking with a wall-kick can get you onto the higher platform where you can try to grab it again. It's basically a gimme.

Even if you opt to go the lower route, it's not hard to wall-kick onto the green platform here and get a second chance at the level's first pink coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin is much harder to grab. Right after the blue "P" switch, you'll have to leap up onto another green block, jump, and then hit the approaching Swoop just right in order to grab it. It's probably the most easily missed coin in the level.

The blue coins from the P switch will guide you right to the pink coin, but even then you might not make it without some serious skill and/or luck.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is right above a pipe that will take you to the next part of the level. Just jump above the pipe to avoid progressing forward, then wall-kick off the wall and you should be able to grab it with little trouble.

Jump right as you climb up onto the second platform and then wall-kick off to grab this coin before advancing to the back half of the level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin is in a Swoop and pit gauntlet. Thankfully, it's not that hard to navigate as long as one of those pesky bats doesn't end up directly in the path of your jump.

The Swoops and other coins can make this particular pink coin a tough get, but it's also the easiest to grab on the fly.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin looks like it's going to be a doozy to get, but there's a secret way just in case you mess up the initial attempt. Near the end of the level, you'll reach several Swoops flying in a diagonal line. If you can pull off a series of increasingly tense jumps, you can hop off each Swoop and onto the next one, eventually jumping and collecting the coin.

If you're unable to pull off that feat, don't despair. There's a bounce pad at the bottom of the area, and if you're quick enough, you can use it to wall-kick off the right-side wall and grab the coin even if you've already missed the Swoops.

Even if you don't perfectly nail the multi-Swoop jump this coin requires, you can still get another crack at it by utilizing the bounce pad at the bottom of the level and a well-timed wall-kick.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 2-4 walkthrough: "Airship Cannons... Fire!"

The final level of World 2 should be familiar to anyone who's played Super Mario Bros. 3. "Airship Cannons... Fire!" puts you on the deck of Bowser's airship. This ship is lousy with cannons firing cannonballs at you and little guys called Ninji that jump up and down, making them really hard to stomp.

The level starts you off running with two cannons firing diagonally at you — if you're feeling brave, you can stomp on the cannonballs and tap the jump button again in midair so Mario twirls, a maneuver that can give you the frames you need to avoid getting hit, but it's finicky at best.

This level gets a little busy with the sheer amount of dark shapes hopping and flying around, but after a few tries you'll get it down.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Other than that, focus on just getting through. It's going to be frantic the first few times, but hitting some of the question blocks might net you a Super Mushroom that'll let you take another hit, which will really help you out as you go through the level. The question block you definitely don't want to miss comes at the end of the level. It contains a Super Mushroom that you definitely want grab as you head into the boss battle.

If you're not confident in your ability to get three hits on the boss without getting hit yourself, you'll definitely want to grab this conscientiously placed Super Mushroom right before the fight.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Fans of Super Mario Bros. 3 or the SNES's Super Mario World will recognize this boss fight by its mechanics. You have to hop on the Koopaling (this one is named Boom Boom) three times while he windmills his arms around. You can change the direction Mario runs in by wall-kicking off the walls. It's best to hang out on the far wall and wait for Boom Boom to approach before leaping off and stomping his head. He'll speed up each time, though, so watch out!

Although Boom Boom shares a few cosmetic features with Roy Koopa, the boss of World 5 in the SNES's 'Super Mario World', without those flashy pink glasses, it's just not the same.Alex Borkowski/Mic

And with that, World 2 is kaput! Off to World 3!

Super Mario Run 2-4 pink coin locations

You'll probably spend the first few times on "Airship Cannons... Fire!" getting familiar with the cannons. But once you get your sea (air?) legs, you'll be able to grab the coins in no time!

The first pink coin appears soon after you land on the airship. You should see it floating above two cannons, and all you need to do is jump off one of the cannonballs and use the added height to grab the coin.

Although it seems counterintuitive to Mario's safety, you'll have to launch off these cannonballs in order to grab the first coin of the level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second pink coin has a similar conceit, but this time you'll be bouncing off a Ninji's head to grab it. Make sure to avoid colliding with the cannons firing nearby. It's a little tricky, but still pretty easy to nab.

Vaulting off the Ninji here is the only way to grab this pink coin, but be careful not to jump too early and get plugged by one of the cannonballs!Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is only hard to grab if you've successfully hit the question block on the platform above it, which will release a Super Mushroom that might distract you. This pink coin is floating with a bunch of regular coins in the shape of an arch. Additionally, watch out for the Ninji hopping up and down underneath or it might launch you too high or knock you back instead.

No need to hop on the Ninji to get this pink coin, but if you do, there's a special surprise waiting on the higher platform: a Super Star hidden in a question mark block that will make your life immensely easier.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin is in another cluster, but it's way high up in the air. Grabbing the Super Star from the question block a little earlier will make this coin an easy get. If you don't get the star, you need to carefully bounce off not just one but two cannonballs in order to get the required height. Nerve-wracking, but doable.

A step up in difficulty from the first coin, you'll have to chain your jumps off two cannonballs to grab this tantalizing pink coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

After the last two pink coins, you probably need a break, and the game designers are (somewhat) happy to oblige. The final coin is guarded by a Ninji standing behind a cannon next to a pit. Hit that Ninji just right and you'll sail directly into the coin.

Getting the last pink coin in the level will require you to hop off a Ninji who's hiding behind a cannon on the lefthand side.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Congrats! Now you've got all the pink coins for World 2 and can start trying to find the purple and black coins in each area, which are much harder to grab on a single run.

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