'Super Mario Run' World 3 walkthrough and coin locations: How to beat 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4

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We're a little over one-third of the way through our Super Mario Run walkthrough. In World 1, we thwarted Bowser's attempts to stop us in his castle, and in World 2, we defeated the Koopaling Boom Boom who was in charge of an airship. World 3 offers one new level and three levels that are variations on something we've already seen. 

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Even if you've started getting more sure in your footing in this new incarnation of the Mushroom Kingdom, there are sure to be some surprises and new tricks up Bowser's sleeves (er, spiky wristbands). So read on for all the tips and tricks you'll need to get through the third world of Super Mario Run, and of course the locations to all the pink coins.

Super Mario Run 3-1 walkthrough: "Big Spiny Blitz"

"Big Spiny Blitz" is the first desert level you'll go through in Super Mario Run. It has a few special tricks you'll need to master in order to progress through it.

The first of these new twists is the yellow exclamation switch: By stepping on this, you can make red blocks appear (albeit temporarily) at various points in the level. You'll be able to see where these blocks will appear by the dotted outlines they have before you hit the switch. Use this as a hint to see where you ought to go.

The yellow exclamation mark block will make red blocks appear on the bottom of this area, allowing you to grab the Super Mushroom that's currently blocked off by the red blocks below it.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second twist is the Spinies themselves: They look like giant red-shelled turtles with spikes all over. Naturally, stepping on these turtles will be deleterious to Mario's well-being, but you can get by them by hitting the blocks they're walking on or just grabbing a Super Star in the level, which will make short work of them.

If the giant spikes on their backs weren't already a tip-off, don't jump on the Spinies. Either knock them off breakable blocks or tear through them with a Super Star.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Aside from that, the main thing to look out for in this level is the Red Coin Ring. It'll take some smooth wall-jumping to get it, but if you can do that and grab all five of the coins, the Super Star will make your journey through the level a lot easier.

Put that wall-kicking to good use and grab the Red Coin Ring in 3-1 to give yourself a break on the back half of the level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-1 pink coin locations

The first pink coin in 3-1 will be staring you right in the face as soon as you start the level, since a Lakitu is holding it hostage while tossing all manner of coins at you from the sky. The easiest way to get this specific coin is at the third exclamation switch: If you let Mario begin climbing on it before vaulting off, you'll trigger the switch and get the height you need to snatch the coin away from that Lakitu.

The Lakitu in this level will (thankfully) only throw coins at you in this level, and your only chance to grab his pink coin is with some flawless platforming. The third exclamation mark switch is probably your best chance to grab the coin from him.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin is easily reached from the top of a triad of those three moving platforms we first encountered back in level 2-2. This is also a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and grab the coin from the Lakitu as well, but this is more luck than anything else.

This coin is probably the easiest to grab, but with some good timing you can also grab the Lakitu's coin as well.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin is near the top of a bunch of cloud platforms, so as soon as you see the opportunity to start ascending up the level vertically, you should take it. If you can't make it or whiff one of the jumps, you're not going to be able to grab this coin.

The edge of this platform comes up fast, and it's a bit of a leap to the pink coin, so don't be discouraged if you completely bail the first few times.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin is also accessible from a small elevated cloud platform. You can easily get it if you follow the red coins up the level after triggering the Red Coin Ring. The best-case scenario is you grab the coin automatically once you trigger the Super Star after collecting the coins, but even if you flub that, you're still in a perfect position to get the coin.

Lining up this jump can be tricky but if you wait until the last cloud to jump and hold down your jump button while doing so, it shouldn't take long to grab it.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin is likely to trip you up if you're looking for a pattern: It's on the lower part of the stage with a long line of red blocks. If you're still under the effects of the Super Star, it won't matter because you'll pick it up as you run by it. But if you missed the star or got caught on the geometry of the level, you'll want to try for the lower half (avoiding the Spinies and Piranha Plants, of course) and grab it.

If you roll off the edge of this red platform, you *might* be able to grab the coin, but it's easiest to navigate the Piranha Plants on the lower level in order to make sure you can grab it.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-2 walkthrough: "Bullet Bill Barrage"

It's not ever explained how Mario keeps getting up into the sky for some of these levels, but 3-2 ups the ante from the previous levels by forcing you to run away from Bullet Bills coming at you from both sides of the screen.

As soon as the level starts, you can grab a Super Mushroom from the question block, but do it quickly because a red Bullet Bill is going to be hot on your heels. He has a nasty habit of accelerating once he goes about halfway across the screen.

Launching yourself off the Bullet Bills in this level is really fun, but can often lead to some unintended consequences.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Eventually you'll reach a point where three red Bullet Bills show up one after the other in a vertical line. Don't freak out! If you just run along the ground, Mario will roll onto a lower platform and they'll harmlessly pass overhead. The timing to jump over them will be way harder to pick up.

Follow the Super Mushroom to safety, and don't try to jump over this three stack of red Bullet Bills.Alex Borkowski/Mic

This will happen again at the very end of the level. A bunch of red Bullet Bills will show up from the opposite side of the screen, but if you're making your way up the cloud platforms, you'll be able to leap free of them just in the nick of time. If you reach the castle flag at the end of the level, all enemies on-screen will be converted into coins, making this a great way to get some points at the end of the level.

Just like in old Mario games, there are enemies on the screen when you grab the flagpole, so the end of 3-2 is a great opportunity to make some coins.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-2 pink coin locations

The first pink coin in the level is on a platform you'll jump onto at the start of the level. Ignore the line of gold coins indicating you upward and you'll run right into it, but be prepared to jump afterward. There's a Bullet Bill on your tail, and the platform ends almost immediately after the coin itself, so jump!

The platform ends immediately after the pink coin, but the Bullet Bill starts accelerating once it gets halfway across the screen, so you'll need to work quickly if you want to grab the coin and avoid getting hit.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin will require some fast jumps. After a break in the cloud platforms, you should be able to hop up to a higher platform with the help of a Bullet Bill. Soon after, a red and black Bullet Bill will approach you from either side of the stage. Hop on the red Bullet Bill and then the black one and you should grab the coin that's suspended high up in the air.

If you successfully hop off both the Bullet Bills, you'll easily grab the coin, but it can be tough to spot and is a bit of a leap of faith. You can also unlock Luigi by getting 150 green and purple Toads to come back to your kingdom through Toad Rally and buying his house.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The third coin requires you to leapfrog off three black Bullet Bills coming from the righthand side of the stage. It's easy to miss these jumps, but thankfully the coin is just hanging out on a high platform so once you get up to the platform you should be in business.

Once you're on the platform, it's not hard to grab the coin, but it can be tricky to jump off three Bullet Bills in quick succession. If you tap your screen after you jump, Mario will twirl, which can give you the time you need to make your hit connect.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fourth coin is on top of a question block after the Red Coin Ring. It's hard to miss this one, but if Mario's in the middle of a roll and you can't hop on top of it quickly enough, it could still pass you by.

After the last few high-flying coins, the simplicity of one sitting on a question block is a much-needed break.Alex Borkowski/Mic

For the final coin, you'll come across a split path near the end of the level, and you should take the lower path here. What you miss out on in terms of gold coins, you'll make up for in netting the final pink coin — plus you won't have to deal with Bullet Bills stacked three high, which can really put a damper on your run.

Unless you're under the effects of a Super Star, you'll have to be on the lower level of this part in order to grab the coin (and avoid getting creamed by the multiple Bullet Bills).Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-3 walkthrough: "Shell Me the Way"

Knocking over turtles and using their shells as projectiles has been a staple of Mario games since the beginning of the series, but "Shell Me the Way" is the first level where you can use it to your advantage. It's also the first level that's almost the title of a Peter Frampton song, but that's neither here nor there.

Level 3-3 is full of flat areas with lots of enemies, and by knocking out a Koopa at the beginning and running to keep up with their shell, you can rack up a big coin combo as the shell knocks enemies out of your path. It makes you feel incredibly powerful, so enjoy it!

Mostly, 3-3 tasks you with keeping up with the Koopa shells you launch so that you can grab the most coins out of the combos it creates.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Although the bulk of the level exists to let you launch Koopa shells at unsuspecting enemies, there are still some tricky parts, like the Super Star trapped in a container made of breakable blocks. You'll have to use a Koopa shell to have enough room to maneuver under the blocks, but if you're not quick enough, the shell will shoot back toward you and take away your Super Mushroom power. You'll need to have a power mushroom in order to break the blocks below the star and get its power.

If you want the Super Star in here, you'll have to be Super Mario, which means avoiding the shell you used to make a path big enough for him when it comes back your way. Be ready or you'll have to run by it, thinking about what could have been.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final part of the level that's likely to trip you up is a split path. You'll want to stick to the upper platform because the bottom portion is riddled with Munchers, and setting foot down there without a Super Star is a recipe for certain death.

The Munchers may look much cuter than the Piranha Plants, but they're invulnerable. You'll be in for a nasty surprise if you step on them instead of jumping on that safe platform above them.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-3 pink coin locations

The first coin in 3-3 isn't hard to spot, but can be tricky to get. It's at the tail end of a line of coins and you'll need to bounce off the Goombas marching toward. you near the start of the level. But even if you hit the jump perfectly, Mario still has an annoying habit of soaring just underneath it.

Mario will climb over most enemies, so it's best to ignore the first Goomba that way and vault off the second one if you're looking to grab the first pink coin of the level.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin will require you to jump onto a few brick blocks a little above the action. After launching a Koopa shell at a bunch of Goombas on a bridge, jump off the hill leading down and you should land on top of the blocks. Continue on this upper set of platforms until you see the coin.

It's possible that with some deft jumps you could get on top of the question block and grab this coin, but it's much easier to leap off those breakable blocks and onto its platform instead.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Eventually, you'll land on a diagonal pause block and should be able to see the third coin a ways up, at the end of another line of coins and guarded by a Paratroopa. The block will cause you to jump automatically when you get off it, so line up that Paratroopa in your sights and use him to boost yourself to the third coin.

The timing on this one can be tricky: Jump when the Paratroopa is too low, and you won't get the coin or clear the platform, but jump when he's too high and you'll collide with him and won't vault off him at all. Thankfully you can chill at the pause block for as long as you need to get the timing down.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Almost immediately after the third coin, you'll see a green Koopa. Make sure you hit him and launch his shell, because the fourth coin is hidden at the bottom of a crevasse and walled off by a bunch of brick blocks, and only the shell will be able to break those for you. It'll also collect the coin automatically for you as an added bonus!

Don't ignore the pause block if you want to see the Koopa shell destroy all these blocks below you and grab the coin. It's cool to see and you've earned a break.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The fifth coin is tricky, but not impossible to do if you're looking out. Right before the final stretch of the level with the Munchers, you should see a launch block that you can use (with proper timing) to propel yourself onto a block that's a little higher. Keep ascending the brick and wood blocks you find, and after a little bit of finicky platforming, you'll see the final coin resting on a high perch.

It's going to require precise jumps to get this final coin, but even if you jump off the first block and not the second, you should be able to reach the upper platform and grab the coin.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-4 walkthrough: Fire Bar Castle! Youch!"

Level 3-4 helps us to figure out the pattern of Super Mario Run's final levels: Stage 4 of an odd level will be a Castle (like we saw in World 1) and stage 4 of an even world will be an Airship. "Fire Bar Castle! Youch!" lives up to its namesake by, well, being full of Fire Bars, big rotating lines of fireballs that you've got to navigate your way through in order to beat Bowser at the end of the level.

To that end, 3-4 is full of long hallways with fire bars rotating around them, so it's imperative you keep moving. The longer you get stalled on pause blocks or the level's geometry, the bigger chance there is that you'll end up toasted.

The Fire Bars are tricky to navigate, but this level throws a lot of Super Mushrooms at you, so you're rarely ever required to spend long stretches of the level only able to take one hit.Alex Borkowski/Mic

As if that weren't bad enough, Fire Bar Castle brings back those pesky fireballs from Bowser's Castle Hangout in World 1. Although nowhere near as prevalent as in the previous level, they're still a pain in the neck to dodge. This level is full of diagonal pause blocks that force you to jump off them: Time it poorly and you're getting a face full of fire.

The fireball traps are actually less frustrating than they were in Bowser's Castle Hangout because you're always allowed to take a breather and get their patterns down before jumping.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Finally, Bowser has installed some additional protection on his flimsy bridge, and you'll have to deal with a Fire Bar as well. Don't wait too long, though, because when Bowser jumps up now, he breathes a fireball diagonally that'll catch you if you're on the pause block. Usually the best strategy is to have a Super Mushroom, take a hit on the chin and run past Bowser while you're invincible. 

If you take too long waiting for the Fire Bar to rotate around, Bowser will blast you with a fireball as he jumps. Wait for him to start walking forward before jumping over him for the best chance to make it over without getting hit.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Super Mario Run 3-4 pink coin locations

The first pink coin is right at the start of the level on top of a platform. If you're using a character with a higher jump like Luigi, you can get to the platform via the diagonal pause block below it, but if you're playing as Mario, it's a trap! Jump over the pause block and then again, and you ought to make it up to the platform with the coin.

The diagonal pause block won't give you the height you need to get up to this platform, so you'll have to hop over it and then leap off the edge of the platform in order to make it up.Alex Borkowski/Mic

The second coin is perched on the side of a small pit with a Fire Bar in it. With some fast jumping, you can grab the coin and leap up to the higher platform, avoiding the trap below. But if you're not fast enough on the draw, you'll end up tumbling down into the Fire Bar below.

While it's feasible to grab the coin and tumble down into the pit with the Fire Bar, you're probably going to take a hit doing that, so if you can you're much better off grabbing the coin and leaping up to the upper platform to avoid the trap altogether.Alex Borkowski/Mic

To get the third coin, you're going to have to take the high road when the option is presented to you. After dodging numerous Fire Bars, you'll see a diagonal pause block you can use to jump up to a higher platform, and you should take it. You'll see the coin on a path below you, but be warned that you'll probably eat a hit from the Fire Bar directly after it once you've done so.

You'll have to roll off the platform before this one in order to avoid the risk that Mario will grab onto the other upper platform after the jump. Thankfully the Fire Bars here are shorter than in previous sections, so you should be able to clear them safely without a Super Mushroom.Alex Borkowski/Mic

You'll have to contend with some fireballs in order to get the fourth coin. After the Fire Bar gauntlet, you'll come across a series of lava-filled pits with fireballs shooting out of them: Take advantage of the diagonal pause blocks (and the fact that the timer stops while you're on them) to time your jumps across the pits; the coin should be on the opposite side of the last pit you need to get across.

This is probably the easiest coin to get in 3-4, but take your time just the same. You might as well!Alex Borkowski/Mic

The final coin is easy to see. Right before the final fireball trap, you should see it as you emerge from a tunnel full of Fire Bars, so roll off the ledge instead of jumping to grab it.

It can be tough to decide between the pink coin and the Super Mushroom that rests directly above it, but you can always grab the coin, jump into the lava and use one of your lives to go back just far enough to grab the Mushroom as well.Alex Borkowski/Mic

Now you've got all the pink coins in World 3. Nothing to it, except for all the tricky platforming!

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