Who Won the VP Debate: Biden vs Ryan Debate Recap, Summary


Last week, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney came out of the gate and shocked the nation by pummeling President Obama in the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado. Every staunch liberal supporter including Michael Moore, Andrew Sullivan, Chris Matthews, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher ripped into their hero, flabbergasted as to what impossible set of circumstances could have led to President Obama losing. 

It's not that Obama lost. It's the fact that he lost badly. Polls from Gallup to CNN showed what is now being called the biggest presidential debate win since people have been keeping track. In the week following the debate, Mitt Romney has gone from trailing President Obama to being even or ahead on a majority of the polls

Now it's time for the vice presidential debate, which will take place in Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, where Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan will clash with Vice President Joe Biden. At tonight's vice presidential debate, both candidates have their clear objective. Paul Ryan's main goal will be to hammer home the disastrous policies, high unemployment and collapsing foreign policy of the Obama administration. Biden's main goal on the otherhand will be to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Ryan to try and derail the GOP tickets momentum.

Paul Ryan has the command of the numbers and policy, while Joe Biden has the decades of experience under his belt. While Paul Ryan has been in front of the camera for weeks doing local and national interviews, Joe Biden has not sat down for an on-camera interview in over 5 months. Either way, neither Joe Biden nor Paul Ryan can afford to underestimate the other at tonights vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky.

PolicyMic will be covering the presidential debate live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page!

UPDATE: It's 10:30 am - We're closing in on the "Thrill in the Ville!" Vice Presidential debates are often a bit more exciting, as the VP role is traditionally relegated to that of the attack dog. Both Biden and Ryan are two people who do not mince words. Expect more than a few kitchen sinks to go flying back and forth. Also be sure to keep an eye on the debate moderator as well. It's okay though, I'm sure the fact that Obama attended her wedding will have no influence at all! The Debate Commission certainly doubts it, which gives me SOOOO much confidence! (Remember when they put Gwen Ifill in to moderate the 2008 VP debate? I was surprised she didn't try to plug her book about Obama!)

UPDATE: 4:00 pm - Five hours until this brawl gets underway. Rumor has it that Paul Ryan has been through nine intense 90 minute mock debates. He has also has over 200 interviews since being announced as the VP choice. Biden? Not so much...

UPDATE: 7:51 pm - We're just over an hour away from the start of the vice presidential debate!! Please share this blog with others and tell them to tune in!!

UPDATE 8:40 pm - We here at PolicyMic have obtained exclusive photo's of how each candidate prepared earlier today for the debates! First off - Congressman Paul Ryan:

And now, Vice President Joe Biden:

UPDATE 8:55 pm - Biden's major goal tonight will be to stop the momentum that America's Comeback Team has has been building up. The progress has been become evident on RealClearPolitics.com as Mitt Romney has taken a lead in the polling average, and the electoral map has evened out considerably!

9:01 PM - Here We go!!! Biden and Ryan walk out, both of which are all smiles. God I wish I could hear what they are really saying as they are shaking hands.

9:03 Pm - Awww! They're sitting down? Booo!!  Oh boy, we begin with Libya!

9:04 pm - Biden starts recapping his bosses successes. Typical VP stuff. Ryan smiling like the boy next door. Biden starts right off with the attacks on Romney. Biden may be a gaffe machine, but he's sly. He knows how to turn a word. If Ryan gives him an inch, Biden will clobber him with it. 

9:06 pm - Paul Ryan hits back, calling out Ambarrador Rice for lying about the terrorist attack in Benghazi. 

9:07 pm - Ryan saying that Obama Administration agreed with Romney. Great job saying they should have vocally supported the Iranian green revolution. Biden grimacing, smiling too hard. 

9:09 pm - Biden is says "malarky" - first 'common guy word'. Attempts to use average joe lingo. The styles are already apparent. Biden is a club. Ryan is a scalpel. 

9:11 pm - Moderator hands Ryan a loaded question he has to say yes to. He turns it around into an attack on the Obama Administration. 

9:15 pm - Wow. Biden's strategy will be to run down the clock. Moderator will help him. Biden's smile makes him look like he's in pain. 

9:17 pm - Ryan pipes up through Biden's meandering answers. Good. Don't let him dominate. Biden downplays the Iranian threat. Trying to come off as the foreign policy experts. Ryan brings up Obama dissing Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

9:19 pm - Biden opening his big yap. He's going to get louder and get pissy. Bet on it. 

9:21 pm - Ryan calls up the 20 waivers to this sanction. Ryan is getting angry early. It's very early to get angry. He's going for the opposite strategy that Obama had last week, but it might backfire. Paul Ryan may be younger, but he's not intimidated. Big difference from 4 years ago. 

9:22 pm - Biden keeps lobbing bombs, Ryan doesn't flinch. He's not as loud as Biden. Unfortunately people believe that loudness = knowledge, which isn't true. And Biden takes the reigns again. SPEAK UP RYAN!

9:27 pm - Biden says 47%. Take a shot everyone! Class warfare. Talks about his grandma. Ryan looks more prepared for answers on the economy. Biden tries to interrupt. Thank god the Moderator shut him up. 

9:28 pm - Ryan gets the first laugh of the night. "I think the vice president knows better than most that sometimes the word's don't come out of your mouth right." Boom. 

9:31 pm - Ryan hitting his stride. A little late, but good. Hits on green energy. 

9:33 pm - Ouch. Biden talks about letter from Ryan. Of course, that is a Congressman's job. Ryan doesn't look rattled. 

9:36 pm - Ryan turns it to Obamacare. We've seen him hammer Obamacare before. This is his arena. Now he's getting wonky. Biden brings up Palin, hoping people associate Palin with Ryan. Sly. 

9:41 pm - Ryan dismisses Biden's rant. Keeping calm. Numbers is Ryan's game. Biden is frustrated. He wants to just run over him. This is getting ugly. I love it. 

9:43 pm - Biden keeps interrupting. Wow. Did he pop some pep pills from a truck stop?

9:45 pm - Biden is completely ignoring the fact that Ryan's proposed plan is voluntary. 

9:47 pm - Ryan gets wonky on taxing all people at 100%. Ryan tries Biden's trick of looking into the camera.

9:50 pm - Ryan does better when he gets wonky. Biden won the first half hour, Ryan won the second half hour.

9:54 pm - Biden now looks like a drunk Irish bully. He's working in conjunction with the moderator.

9:55 pm - I'm gonna quote Dick Morris on this one. "this debate is terrible. It is not a matter of who wins. It is a matter of this is just the kind of politics people hate"

10:29 pm - sorry people. Technical difficulties and stuff got in the way. Here's my opinion. Biden had a partner tonight in the moderator. The Mainstream Media will love to say how Biden brought back the Obama administration from the brink, and Ryan looked like doogie howser, congressman.   Neither of which is true. Biden shouted over Ryan. Ryan used real numbers. I'd give it to Ryan on points and numbers, but Biden may have won by being a bully. Thanks for following along, and be sure to check out when I'll be live blogging from Hofstra University next week!