Who Won the Presidential Debate: Joe Biden, In an Absolute Landslide


Call it nerves, anxiety or jitters, Obama was not his usual self during the first presidential debate last Tuesday night. 

Hopefully, the vice presidential debate on Thursday between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican VP Nominee Paul Ryan will be a victory for the Dems.

Not only does Vice President Joe Biden have to answer for Obama’s nerves, but also he has to prove to the nation that the Democrats have a plan that will take us in the right direction.

Romney came out a clear victor last week not because he had the better platform but because of his cool assertive presence on stage. Come on, Obama! What happened to that spark we saw in you four years ago?

The vice presidential debate definitely promises to be a game-changer. Paul Ryan knows Biden will bring game Thursday night, and he is already feeling the pressure.

Biden can definitely win this debate by just highlighting and emphasizing how far we have come since 2008. The Obama administration has done a lot at home and overseas in the past four years. Biden just needs to remind us all what we have accomplished and how another four years in office will only build on that success.

The Obama camp was quick to come out with an ad in response to Romney's attack on Big Bird.

Hopefully Biden can play off the Sesame Street reference and show us all why we need Big Bird and the gang now more than ever.

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LIVE Updates:

7:30PM: So pumped for tonight! Don't forget to share your thoughts here on PolicyMic. I will also be following the conversation on Twitter. Make sure to tag your debate tweets with #debates and #VPdebate.

8:35PM: You really can't ask me to take Paul Ryan seriously after seeing this:

8:50PM: Almost time, make sure to tune in here:

8:58PM: Good advice:



9:00PM: Biden will go first. The conversation will start with Foriegn Policy.

9:06PM: "What we are watching on the television is the unraveling of the Obama Foriegn Policy. " - Paul Ryan. Wait, why is Biden laughing!?!


9:18PM: Biden asserts that we will not let Iran get a hold of any nuclear weapons. Ryan argues that we need to change Iran's mind about nuclear weapons.

9:24PM: Biden really needs to stop making faces!

9:25PM: Biden definitely took the Foriegn Policy discussion with his comment: "War should always be the absolute last resort."

9:33PM: This is news, #Romney is a car guy.

9:36PM: Trending hashtag on Twitter: #WrongAgainRyan

9:40PM: I feel a cookie monster Meme coming out soon.

9:45PM: Taxes. Biden says middle class will pay less.

9:50PM: Ryan says we need fundamental tax reform. According to Ryan, we do not have enough small businesses and rich people to tax... Do you have specifics Ryan? #LyinRyan

9:56PM: Raddatz calling out Ryan on his math! YES!

10:05PM: Back to discussion of Foriegn Policy. Afghanistan and our troops. "49 of our allies signed on to this position..." -Biden on leaving Afghanistan in 2014

10:08PM: ‎"We will not outsource our foreign policy to the UN." - Ryan

10:10PM: Sorry, Ryan. After tonight's debate, all I will see is this:

10:16PM: And Biden, after tonight's debate, I agree with Leslie Knope:

10:17PM: Abortion. Ryan is Prolife. Biden is ProChoice. Biden just referenced Roe v Wade.

10:26PM: Take that back, Ryan! Obama is not full of broken promises.

10:29PM: Closing statements. I like the civility. How Biden is addressing Ryan as his friend.

Biden definitely won this debate!