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We've made it! We're now at the second-to-last world of Super Mario Run — and that much closer to rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Previously, we've climbed to the top of a tower full of buzzsaws and avoided getting burned by some strangely placed exhaust jets in World 4, navigated some more painful fire-based interior decorating in World 3, dodged Bullet Bills and falling platforms in World 2, and started our adventure with a leisurely stroll through a cave and some tall mushrooms in World 1.

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Although World 5 will only offer variations on level designs we've seen previously (albeit with their own unique mechanics), we'll be meeting a formerly friendly face, getting the keys to locked doors and avoiding traps of both the "fire" and "spike" variety. Additionally, this part of the walkthrough will also be debuting in Gif-o-Vision, which is a fancy way to say that now we'll be using GIFs instead of still images.

If you're confused about where the guides for the first four worlds are, they're right here! Take a peek at World 1, World 2, World 3 and World 4 first? The GIFs will wait, we promise. Without further ado, let's launch into level 5-1: "Lakitu's Revenge."

Super Mario Run 5-1 walkthrough: "Lakitu's Revenge"

Lakitu, the friendly Koopa from "Big Spiny Blitz" in World 3, has apparently decided he hates you now. Instead of throwing coins at you from the top of the level, now he throws Spinies (smaller than the ones you fought in 3-1, thankfully), making traversing this level quite difficult.

Thankfully, almost every question block in this level contains a Super Star, and with good timing and a little bit of luck you can spend most of your time in this level invincible! This is great, because you'll need to be in order to defeat the Spinies Lakitu throws at you and the Fuzzies rotating around at various parts of the level.

Jumping from platform to platform while trying to grab those bouncing stars isn't always the easiest. However, missing one of those Super Stars due to a clumsy jump can cost you dearly, especially at this bounce pad where Lakitu loves to drop a Spiny directly onto Mario's noggin.

By the time you reach the end of the level, you'll find two bounce pads that will launch you up to the top of the flagpole for your well-earned reward. Snag a Super Star and pulverize that Lakitu on your way up.

Super Mario Run 5-1 pink coin locations

The first pink coin of "Lakitu's Revenge" comes right after the question block that spawns the first star. It's an easy grab while you're chasing after the star — but make sure you actually get the star, because the Lakitu loves to throw a Spiny right into your path.

The second pink coin is off the edge of a mushroom platform where you can find another Super Star. Even without the Super Star's coin magnetism active (though you really shouldn't be doing this level while not invincible), you should be able to just roll down the side of the yellow mushroom platform to the coin.

The third coin is near the bottom of a section where you ride around those yellow platforms from 2-2. These ones also disappear when you jump off them, so make sure you'll make it to the next one before jumping off the one you're on. By making your way to the lower portion of this section, you should see the third coin in a small arch in between two platforms. Just watch out for the Fuzzy and the Spiny nearby!

The fourth coin is at the top of the bounce pad that Lakitu loves to throw a Spiny onto. Much like the rest of the level, your safest bet is to be invincible when you attempt to grab it.

The final coin is at the top of a mushroom platform near the end of the level. Watch out for the Spiny at the bottom if you're not invincible, but otherwise enjoy your flight!

Super Mario Run 5-2 walkthrough: "Pokey Vaulting"

Hard to believe it's been two worlds since our last desert level, and since we just had an entire level dealing with Spinies, you'll probably be pleased to know that the giant Spinies from 3-1 are absent from "Pokey Vaulting." They've been replaced with a friendlier-looking (but no less dangerous!) enemy: Pokey.

Pokeys tend to just sit in your path with a big dopey grin on their face. They're more obstacle than enemy, but you can knock them off things for some extra coins if you really need them.

Pokeys can also give you a ton of coins if you can manage to destroy them, but watch out! These long ones love to hang out on those yellow platforms and can easily spike you while you're distracted by the coins they've dropped.

The end of the level is probably the trickiest part: You have to time your use of a bounce pad to get over a positively massive Pokey, and then thread the needle through two Paratroopas using a cannon. If you can pull it off, you'll get 10 coins for hitting the top of the flagpole and bonus coins when the Paratroopas disappear.

Super Mario Run 5-2 pink coin locations

The first pink coin of "Pokey Vaulting" comes at the end of a small line of Pokeys near the beginning of the stage. Just make sure you're precise in your jump over the last Pokey and you'll clear it and grab the coin with room to spare.

The second pink coin in the level requires you to be patient. Jump between the two Paratroopas using the diagonal pause block provided and then wait until the Pokey dips almost all the way down before rolling off the pause block to grab the coin.

For the third pink coin, it's time to take a ride in a cannon. It's at the top of the line of coins floating over the Pokey, and requires you to aim a little higher than you think you need to in order to snag it without colliding with the Pokey below.

For the fourth coin, you need to navigate some of those yellow platforms both 5-1 and World 3 were so fond of in order to jump over some joyriding Pokeys and grab the pink coin. It's hiding on a wooden block directly above the last Pokey in this area.

The final coin will try to trick you into taking the high road, so make sure you're economical with your jumps. If you jump too high, you'll be stuck on that top platform and won't be able to get back down in order to grab the pink coin, which sits in the middle path.

Super Mario Run 5-3 walkthrough: "Boohind Lock and Key"

Remember how much fun we had trying to guess which door to go through for three screens straight in "Ghost-Door Deception" while simultaneously avoiding invincible Boos who always seemed to park directly in the path of your jumps? ... Yeah, we don't either. Thankfully, "Boohind Lock and Key" (along with being one of the worst Boo puns outside of the Boos from Luigi's Mansion) performs a small miracle in allowing you to stomp Boos. The downside: It's really hard to do consistently, and the mechanic for this level is somehow more complicated than 2-1's.

Case in point: You'll have to grab a key in each area to unlock the door and progress. It's not too hard to do in this first area where the key is on an elevated platform you can easily get to with the backflip blocks, but it's going to get a lot harder by the time we make our escape.

In the second area, the key is hidden in a brick block at the top of the level. Once you know where it is, you can come at it from the lefthand side of the stage, trigger it and then use the backflip blocks to get it in one fell swoop. If you hit the wrong block though, you're going to be stuck taking a few laps to grab it.

In the final area, a Boo holds the key to progress inside of it. You'll have to backflip off the blocks provided and hit it precisely in order to grab the key and get out of the level — but the hit detection on this leaves a little bit to be desired, so more often than not you'll be the one who ends up getting hit.

Super Mario Run 5-3 pink coin locations

To get the first pink coin, be prepared to backflip off one of the Boos in the first area. It's probably going to be a lot of trial and error, but as long as you pull it close to you by utilizing the platform the key was on, you can probably grab it pretty easily.

Grabbing the second and third pink coins should be familiar to anyone who got them in "Ghost-Door Deception." Use the bounce pad to get to the platform just under the door to grab No. 2, and then use the wraparound mechanic to end up on the other side of the stage where the bounce pad will take you to coin No. 3.

The fourth pink coin is pretty much a gimme: Since it's right above the backflip pads, you'll need to use in order to grab both the key to exit the stage and the fifth coin.

The final coin is another "backflip-and-kill-the-Boo" one, but it's made much trickier by the Stretch that loves to hang out on the backflip blocks. If you're really unlucky, you'll fall into a sequence where Stretch pops up right as you cross the platforms, making you unable to backflip onto the Boo that holds the fifth coin.

Super Mario Run 5-4 walkthrough: "Rings of Fire!"

Now t's a huge relief to go back to a traditional, scrolling Super Mario Run level, even if it is another trap-filled castle with an enormous angry Koopa at the end of it.

Structurally, "Rings of Fire" contains a lot of the same beats that previous castles in 3-4 and 1-4 did: There are a lot of lava-filled pits to fall into and eternally reviving Dry Bones to contend with (though the latter doesn't really matter because chances are you'll just scroll past them). However, "Rings of Fire" introduces a trap to replace the fireballs of "Bowser's Castle Hangout" and the Fire Bars of "Fire Bar Castle! Youch!" with moving hoops of fire Mario has to jump through.

About halfway through the level, you'll find a Red Coin Ring that you can use to get a Super Star, but three of the coins require you to hop off a Dry Bones and through a fire ring, so it's not without risk.

Just before you fight King Koopa, the level is nice enough to give you a Super Mushroom in a mobile fire ring, and the timing is pretty lax, so it's a good thing to grab before facing off with Bowser.

The Bowser fight is unchanged from its incarnation in 1-4 and 3-4, except that now Bowser has installed a fire ring to protect himself. If you don't feel confident in your ability to dodge through the ring and jump over Bowser, you can always run straight through him if you're Super Mario, but the timing here is much less precise than it was in Fire Bar Castle.

Super Mario Run 5-4 pink coin locations

The first pink coin of 5-4 is in the center of a ring of fire. Just wait until the coins line up in a rough arc and jump through in order to grab it.

The second coin requires you to get up to an upper ledge by bouncing off a Dry Bones, then timing your leap through three rings of fire. Your best bet is to wait until the ring with the pink coin in it is coming up, but it's still a really tough needle to thread.

Show that Dry Bones who's boss in order to get the height necessary to grab the third pink coin, which is in a stationary fire ring just after the Red Coin Ring.

To get the fourth pink coin in "Rings of Fire," climb up to the top level of these tiered platforms and jump so Mario arcs down to avoid the fire ring while you do so. As always, it's best to use his twirl to make sure you clear it, but be careful about accidentally wall-kicking off the far wall as you go.

The final coin is designed to give you a little bit of a breather as you approach Bowser. Just make sure you jump high enough to grab it from its ring and you'll be fine.

And just like that, all the pink coins for World 5 are in the bag!

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