Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games: 'Seasons of Heaven' screenshots revealed ahead of release


The March release of the Nintendo Switch console is just a few months away, and information about what kinds of games fans can expect is finally starting to trickle out. One such Nintendo Switch exclusive is Seasons of Heaven, a gorgeous-looking adventure game based on a French novel of the same name. 

Nintendo Switch exclusive games: Seasons of Heaven revealed

According to Gameblog, Seasons of Heaven is about a young boy with Asperger's syndrome named Yann and his French bulldog Ani. Players will be able to control both of them as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world with a group of other survivors. Though it wasn't mentioned in the game's description, the Amazon page for the Seasons of Heaven novel notes that Yann and Ani share a telepathic connection.

AnyArts Productions/Gameblog
AnyArts Productions/Gameblog

No release date or pricing information for Seasons of Heaven have been released yet, but Mic will keep you in the loop.

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