VP Debate Youtube: Watch Full Video of Joe Biden Owning Paul Ryan


On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will square off in a debate that is sure to be significantly more exciting than last week’s Presidential Debate. Beyond the vice president’s traditional role as “Attack-Dog-In-Chief,” we should all be reminded that in the event of the unfortunate demise of the President, one of these men could be President of the United States. It has happened before. So, beyond the rhetoric, zingers, and post-debate spin that is sure to make this week’s vice presidential debate exciting, tune in here for a bit of context, truth, and facts.  

The first half of the debate will focus on domestic policy, which will undoubtedly focus on the economy. Look for Vice President Biden to make the arguments that President Obama did not. I expect Vice President Biden to attack Romney more than Ryan. There are several zingers I would like to hear from the Vice President like, “Your own presidential candidate does not support your budget,” in reference to the way Romney has danced around Ryan’s budget, or “Are your running for president or vice president?,” followed by a lecture on what it means to be vice president, or “I like Obamacare, not voucher-care,” in reference to Ryan’s proposal to voucherize medicare. 

On Congressman Ryan’s end, expect him to paint a bleak picture of the last four years and to harp on his budget. Ryan needs to be careful not to be overly wrapped in the numbers. The policy wonk style approach will not work against Biden who has been playing the game of politics for a long time and knows how to connect with voters without using statistics. 

The second half of the debate will focus on foreign policy. This is Vice President Biden’s forte, if the vice president can hold his own up to this portion of the debate, it will be smooth sailing through the night. Congressman Ryan needs to make Romney’s foreign policy agenda plain, as Romney did a very poor job of it earlier this week. 

All in all, Thursday night’s debate could shift the polls back in the other direction, or at the very least reset them for Obama next week, but a loss by Biden to Ryan could do irreparable harm to the Obama Reelection Campaign. Join me for the ride and invite your friends!

The debate is scheduled to take place in the small town of Danville, Kentucky on October 11, Thursday evening.

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Watch Here:

10:29PM: Closing Statements:

VP Biden: We inherited a horrible situation. People are in real trouble. I am frustrated by the Romney campaign. All the American people are looking for is an even shot. The President and I will not rest until we have leveled the playing field.

Rep. Ryan: We face a critical choice. What kind of country are we going to be? Obama had his chance and made his choices. This is not what a real recovery looks like. Mitt Romney and I want to earn your support. The choice is clear. 

10:22PM: Closing Question: Are you embarrassed by the tone of the campaigns?

VP Biden: There are things that I am sure both campaigns regret, but we must understand which candidate has the conviction to focus on the middle class.

Rep. Ryan: You have a President who ran on hope and change, but has now turned his campaign into one of blame. Obama has broken his promises.

10:15PM: New Topic: Religion and Abortion

VP Biden: My religion defines who I am. As it concerns abortion, I accept my church's doctrine on abortion, but I refuse to impose it on others. I do not believe that we have a right to tell women that they can't control their body. As it concerns the assault on the catholic church, no catholic institution has to fund abortion. 

Rep. Ryan: I don't see how a person can separate their faith from their public life. I am pro-life for reasons of faith and reason. I believe that life begins at conception. This administration has assaulted the religious rights of Americans.

10:10PM: New Topic: Syria

VP Biden: We cannot do in Syria what we did in Libya. We will not put boots on the ground. Assad has to go, but we need to ensure a stron replacement government.

Rep. Ryan is once again loose on what Romney and he would do differently.

10:05PM: Why did we pull out during the fighting season?

VP Biden: That was the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs to the President of the United States

Rep. Ryan: Explains the cyclical nature of fighting season.

VP Biden: Ryan is inaccurately describing the fighting season.

Back and forth ensues.

10:00PM: Rep. Ryan has not been able to articulate what would make the Romney administration stay past 2014.

9:58PM: New Topic: Afghanistan

Rep. Ryan: We need to stabilize the region and we seem weak by imposing a hard deadline

VP Biden: Our job will be done in 2014. We have agreed on a gradual draw down. Romney says it depends, it does not depend for us.

9:57PM: Rep. Ryan being pressed by VP Biden and the Moderator on the lack of specifics.


9:51PM: VP Biden: "You're no Jack Kennedy" reprise - WOW!!!!

9:45PM: New Topic: Taxes

VP Biden: The Bush tax cuts need to go. We will extend the middle class tax cuts permanently. Attacks Romney millionaire tax cut.

Rep. Ryan: Taxing the wealthy won't make up for the middle class tax cuts or create jobs. 

9:43PM: VP Biden is having an extraordinary night so far. Rep. Ryan seems to be backed into a corner on the voucher issue.

9:41PM: Here's a good read on medicare.

9:40PM: Debate gets intense...Rep. Ryan asks for VP Biden to stop interrupting him.

9:35PM: New Topic: Medicare

Rep. Ryan: Medicare is sinking and needs to be saved. We will leave medicare as is for current seniors and reform it for my generation. Tries to sell the $716 billion medicare to Obamacare transfer.

VP Biden: Explains the $716 billion medicare Obamacare fix. AARP endorsed. Claims the Romney team wants to wipe out senior benefits.

9:33PM: Rep. Ryan: The economy is getting worse and this administration broke its promises on the economy.

9:31PM: VP Biden: I don't doubt his personal generosity, but he would have let the auto industry go bankrupt.

9:25PM: New Topic: Jobs

VP Biden: Hits key phrases - 47%, Romney's tax rate, the Middle Class Tax Cut.

Rep. Ryan: Says that country is not getting better despite the tough situation that was inherited.

NPR: Who is the 47%

9:22PM: Rep. Ryan attacks the administration for being weak without providing any new ways to solve the crisis.

9:18PM: VP Biden is strongly on the attack

9:15PM: New Topic: Iran

Rep. Ryan: In order to solve this issue peacefully, the U.S. has to have credibility, but this administration has no credibiltiy

VP Biden: Attacks Romney as wanting to go to war and notes that Romney has not proposed anything new.

Check out the Huffington Post's Report on Iran here.

9:12PM: Rep. Ryan is asked about apologizing for the burning of Qurans, sidesteps the question and says we should apologize for our handling of the corpses.

9:09PM: VP Biden says that everything Rep. Ryan said about the President's foreign policy is a lie and proceeds to counter with Romney's missteps on foreign policy post-Benghazi embassy bombing.

9:03PM: Embassy Bombing:

VP Biden: Barack Obama has shown leadership on the issue of foreign policy, citing Iraq War, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden

Rep. Ryan: Cites President Obama's use of the youtube video as an excuse for the Benghazi attack, attacks the President on Iraq. "The President is projecting weakness abroad"

8:55PM: I hope you're tuned in and ready for a great debate tonight!