How to do #2016BestNine on Instagram — and put your top 9 on display

Your Instagram feed is probably filled with posts tagged #2016BestNine, showcasing a user's most popular posts from the year. How do you find your best nine? It's pretty simple.

The hashtag seems to originate from a website, appropriately called All you have to do is go to the website, input your Instagram handle and wait. It might take a few minutes to compile your nine most-liked posts of the year. Then you'll be presented with your top nine photos, all neatly aligned into an Instagrammable square. 

Then you can save your photo and share it on Instagram or wherever else you want. 

One important caveat: This feature doesn't work if you have your Instagram set to private. 

My best nine from 2016.Alexis Kleinman/2016 Best Nine