Kim Kardashian West is the latest star in 'Love' magazine's steamy 2016 advent calendar


It's been weeks and weeks since Kim Kardashian West has posted an Instagram, tweeted or posted a snap on Snapchat. Now, at last, Kim Kardashian West is out of hiding, making her first grand appearance since the Paris robbery and her husband's hospitalization by appearing in a sexed-up video for Love magazine's annual advent calendar. 

Every day in December, Love magazine posts a new video to its YouTube account of an alluring woman usually draped in not much more than lingerie. On day one, for example, it was Bella Hadid doing a workout routine in not much at all. On day five, it was Kendall Jenner lazily posing in a bra and underwear.

And on day 12, this blessed day, it's Kim Kardashian West. Oh, how we missed her so. 

'Love' magazine/YouTube
'Love' magazine/YouTube

Do we know exactly where she is in this video? No. Do we know why she is there, in this unknown landscape? Not a clue. But regardless, here is Kim Kardashian West, rising from the ashes, draped in a fur coat and lacy lingerie while posing in front of a display of aurora borealis — which is pretty much exactly how we'd expect her to look at this point. 

At one point in the video, she is seen staring directly at the camera looking like she's casting a spell on us. 

'Love' magazine/YouTube

Then she just stares at us as the aurora borealis seems to wrap around her, as it should.

'Love' magazine/YouTube

At the end of the video, though, she vanishes. After reaching out her hand to the viewer casting another spell (maybe?), she evaporates into thin air, and is then followed by a screen that reads "peace on earth." 

'Love' magazine/YouTube

Was the spell Kim casting about peace on earth? What is going on? Where is she? Does she need help? Can we help her? 

These are all questions that cannot be answered until Kardashian West answers them herself, so again, we must plea: Kim, come back

You can watch Kardashian West's entire video for Love below: