Global Warming Debate: I am a Science Teacher Who Teaches Both Sides of the Issue


Recently, I faced the choice of how I would approach the teaching of global warming in my 8th grade science classroom. It was an issue I was honestly nervous about as the science textbooks for years have been slanted towards the liberal propaganda that has made global warming into science's own apocalypse using scare tactics to drive the deceived into a state of panic and hysteria, much like two "Christian authors" did with the apocalyptic nonsense that is the Left Behind series.  

Fortunately, I have every bit of backing I need to teach global warming from both sides and to allow the students to think critically and objectively for themselves. It is great to have leadership that allows me to truly teach science in an objective manner so as to promote critical thinking. It is also a great treasure to have students who think critically and objectively for themselves regardless of what we cover in science class.

I have found this all out in the past month as I taught them not only about the theory of global warming but also about Darwin's theory of evolution by means of natural selection. The students are too smart to believe the nonsense that their uncle was a monkey swinging from the trees, he lived on green bananas, and his arms swung to his knees. While some of them did not realize until I informed them that evolutionists say we came from apes, it is good to know that the shoving of evolution down the throats of school-aged children has not worked after all; at least not in my public school district.

I have found most of my students also are too smart to be swayed by the nonsense that attempts to shove the issue of global warming down their throats. Coming into a new school this year, I resolved that being the best teacher required that I give them a diversity of viewpoints. While those who propagate the theory of global warming as some sort of an imminent apocalypse scoff at this, I knew I had all the justification I needed as part of my evaluation as a teacher grades me on how well I give respect to a diversity of viewpoints.  

Although education is pushing for more critical thinking, one particular branch of the scientific community has claimed a monopoly on what true science is. In such, they have long had their way in being able to ensure that even the most bogus of theories like —anthropogenic global warming— are pushed down the throats of the children in such a way that it would not allow them to think critically enough to even consider the alternative science.

Indeed, those who have made global warming into a religion would discredit the alternative science with the meaningless jargon that seeks to diminish the credibility of alternative points of view from even qualifying as science. However, the fact can not be ignored that these alternative points of view do indeed exist.

In my classroom, both sides of the issue are discussed and students are allowed to make up their own minds. For me, that is definitely more scientific than spoonfeeding them information that may or may not be true and expecting them to swallow it blindly without even being allowed to question the reality or lack of reality in the matter at hand.  

As I have covered the issue of global warming, I have proven that I can do what global warming proponents refuse to do. That is, I can separate myself from my bias and argue from either side. My students are now well aware of both sides of the issue. While they know that the theory of anthropogenic global warming is based on the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, they also are now aware that their have been trends of heating and cooling throughout history.  

I imagine there are some out there as they read this who feel that because I have given credence to both sides of this issue, I am not qualified to even be a science teacher. I however, beg to differ. Qualified science should encourage strong critical thinking and promote discussion, evaluation, and analysis of the topic at hand. I take great pride in saying that my teaching of the issue of global warming so as to make students aware of both sides is far more qualified than any of the films and propaganda put forth by Al Gore and his comrades in seeking to shove the theory of anthropogenic global warming down our throats by attacking the intelligence and applied science of those like myself who dare to question it.