Nintendo Switch Games: 'Pokémon Sun and Moon' HD renders bring the rumors to life


Pokémon Sun and Moon's release in November had fans of the series anxious to explore Alola. But while pursuing Solgaleo and Lunala was an exciting prospect, some are disappointed they have to play Pokémon Sun and Moon on the non-HD, 240p screenIt's possible a third version of the game could be coming to the Nintendo Switch with better graphics next year. But in the meantime... Pokémon fans to the rescue.

Twitter account @initPRAGMA offers screenshots of what a high-definition Pokémon Sun and Moon could allegedly look like. Which only makes us want the potential Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon to look something along the lines of this:

Nintendo Switch games: Pokémon Sun and Moon in HD

The high-def, Nintendo Switch-ready version of the game looks largely similar to the Pokémon Sun and Moon we've come to know on the Nintendo 3DS. The cleaned-up screenshots show less pixelation than the official game with an overall cleaner look. Needless to say, if the Nintendo Switch edition Pokémon Sun and Moon made its way to store shelves during the console's launch in March, fans would buy the system in droves.

Playing this version of Pokémon Sun and Moon is possible! But you'll need a decrypted version of the game to run on the game emulator Citra, said @initPRAGMA on Twitter. They also warn the frame rate isn't exactly smooth. 

The screenshots provided by Pragma on Twitter are reminiscent of gameplay footage seen shortly after the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo hit Nintendo's eShop. Uploaded by YouTube user KazoWAR, the video suggests an HD remake of the game is certainly possible — if only for a small part of the seventh-generation Pokémon title.

Nintendo Switch games: Pokémon Sun and Moon playable demo in HD

While the 1080p Pokémon Sun and Moon demo looks great, it's making us want an upscaled version of the whole game. Screenshots of non-demo, in-game events give us hope it could one day come to fruition. 

See more screens below.  

Nintendo Switch games: Could a Pokémon Sun and Moon port really happen?

Nintendo has yet offer any news regarding a Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon. But the company's next major console fulfills an important pre-requisite: being portable. Major Pokémon games only ever come to consoles you can take with you, and the Nintendo Switch meets that requirement. 

But Nintendo has yet to announce anything official in the way of a Pokémon game for the Switch — Sun and Moon or otherwise. We could see Nintendo providing updates during the company's January press event. Stay tuned for more details.

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