A holiday watch gift guide for the friend who is always — or never — on time


Watches are, like sunglasses and gift cards, makeup kits and food, one of those gifts no one will be mad about getting. Who doesn't want another way to tell that they're running late? Who doesn't want that air of sophistication that a watch brings to an outfit? "I'm too busy to even look at my phone," it says, sometimes. 

So for the person who is either obsessed with being on time — or never is — we've compiled a list of six of the best, most in-demand watches of the season, in prices around $100 and up. 

For the city-lover looking for a simple, streamlined watch

The 5th

At the 5th, watches are organized by city. The Tokyo collection, for example, is streamlined and simple, with dashes rather than numbers and an ultra light face. The New York collection, meanwhile, is heavier but still classic with bands in brown and pink with metals like rose gold, silver and gold circling the face. Then the Melbourne collection is a bit more rugged, with a wide, minimal face as well. 

With all of the brand's watches ranging from a reasonable $95 to $150, this would be the watch to buy someone who loves simplicity and lightness from their watches. They make a statement, but a more subtle one. 

For the friend who lives for luxury 


Shinola is known for extremely high quality goods at equally extreme prices (think more than $2,500 for a watch), so consider this a gift for someone you really love, admire or desperately want to impress.

The watches are undeniably beautiful, with some sporting mother of pearl faces and even diamonds. Each of the watches feel high quality too, with a heavier face that durable band. That being said, there are a ton of variety here, from metal chain watches to leather watches to watches with rectangular faces to watches with round ones too. 

If you're cool with spending upward of $1,000 on a timepiece, these are the ones to look at. 

For the friend who's invested in designer goods 


If you have a friend who, say, idolizes top models and Zendaya and isn't afraid of a little eye-catching technology, then the Michael Kors Access smartwatch may be the way to go. 

The watch, which retails for less than $400, is basically the Apple watch for the stylish set, with customizable bands and faces that all connect to your smartphone. As Mic first reported when the watch debuted in September, the watch has the ability to check the weather, navigate, remind you of your daily tasks and even text your friends back. 

So if you know a person who feels the need to have a personal assistant at the tap of a wrist, this may be the gift for them. 

For the friend who aspires to be Instagram's next greatest influencer 


Kylie Jenner is no stranger to repping products for cash on Instagram. In the past few weeks, she's shown off jewelry and detox products and even some teeth whitening all in the name of her #brand. And a few months back, she put her name and Instagram behind one watch: the MVMT watch. "My favorite," she wrote

So, for your friend who aspires to be an Instagram influencer, or is just really into Jenner, a MVMT watch for somewhere around $100 would be a good option. The watches are known for their high quality but lower price point, with easy colors like black, white, pink and gold. In the many watches Mic tried it out for a few weeks, this was one of our favorites because it felt expensive, while not being really all that much. 

For the friend who lusts over minimal Danish design 


Skagen watches make those kinds of gifts that feel like they'll last forever, through years of fluctuating trends, tastes and sensibilities. That's mostly because each of the watches, which are inspired by Danish minimalism, are chic, simple and sophisticated, with clean lines and not a lot of bling. 

They come in more muted colors as well, like white and beige and brown and blue and gold and are rather, let's say, uncomplicated, with sleek leather, metal and rubber bands. With price points between $100 and $200, they're worthy of investing in. 

For the friend who you don't know that well, but really want to impress


For the brand Nixon, which specializes in watches, bags and accessories, options are the key. In terms of watches, there's your classic leather watch and your metal watch, along with some more technologically advanced ones as well. It's a company that prides itself on quality (but don't they all?) and a certain effortlessness with a variety of customers in mind. 

So, say you want to gift your young cousin a watch: Then this one with a pink face might be cute. If you've got a male partner, then this one would do. A female partner? How about this one

With a variety of faces and bands in each style, in prices $100 and up, the watches are ideal for ideal for gifting someone who you don't exactly know all that well, but do know that you want to impress them.