Apple rolls out new iOS update, blesses us with avocado emoji

There's good news for the avocado toast Instagrammers among us: Apple's latest iOS update now includes the social media-friendly fruit.

Along with it come some other top-tier food emojis — bacon, a croissant, a baguette and, of course, the new-and-improved peach emoji, which went through a bit of a redesign after people complained it didn't look like a butt anymore.

The update also brings some signature 2016-centric emojis, like a gorilla — also known as a would-be Harambe — and a clown, because 2016 was the year people put on clown costumes and succeeded in bringing everyone's childhood nightmares to life.

But, let's be real, it's all about the avocado. 

Now you can document your avocado toast appropriately, ask that your roommate bring you one home from the grocery store or use it for "literally everything," as Twitter user @HakkarShilleh wrote on Monday.

And, if anyone gives you a hard time for overusing the objective best new emoji, there's an emoji for that too: the shruggie.

Happy texting.