New iOS 10.2 Jailbreak: You probably shouldn't try it


iOS 10.2 has officially been released and early adopters might be eager to jailbreak the new software. A word of warning: You probably shouldn't try jailbreaking your iPhone. 

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking a device's native operating system to bypass its restrictions and install unapproved apps and features.

A public jailbreak for iOS 10 has yet to be released, and it looks like Apple has dedicated some effort to patching up the bugs that made earlier iOS updates susceptible to jailbreaking.

The tweets above are from popular jailbreaker Luca Todesco, who encouraged his followers to stay on iOS 10.1.1 to have the best shot at jailbreaking the latest iPhone software. The idea is that iOS 10.2 has become so impenetrable that older versions of the update are the best hope. Meanwhile, Pangu — one of the most popular jailbreaking teams in the world — has remained silent on iOS 10 for months.

In the absence of reliable jailbreak tools, a number of fake sites have allegedly popped up offering their services. GottaBeMobile says they are scams that run the risk of stealing information or planting malicious software — they should be avoided at all costs.

Even with a trustworthy tool, jailbreaking can lead to a lot of issues. Jailbroken phones lose their warranty, and Apple Store employees are unlikely to assist you should you encounter any problems. Plus you're still open to the possibility of security breaches once Apple's source code is bypassed, and your iPhone may crash or brick going forward.