Who Won the Brown Warren Debate: Elizabeth Warren vs Scott Brown Recap and Results


Another week, another debate between Massachusetts senatorial candidates Elizabeth Warren and Senator Scott Brown. On Wednesday night, the U.S. Senate candidates will go head-to-head in what will be their third debate Wednesday night at Symphony Hall in Springfield.

WGBY-TV's Jim Madigan, moderator of the debate, will have a hard time making sure both candidates get along and have the same amount of air time. "I'm not a student in your classroom," Brown said as he argued with his challenger, Warren, in the last debate. Although Brown thought he was being interrupted too many times, there may have been a good reason for it. Warren spoke five minutes less than Brown — crucial time to influence almost 500,000 viewers nationwide. 

There have been two polls released since last week's debate from Western New England University and WBUR/MassINC. The WBUR/MassINC poll has Brown up three points while the Western New England University poll has Warren up by five. The average of the two has Warren up by two, which is well within the margin of error. The candidates are still in a dead heat. 

In their third debate, the candidates will repeat and resume their previous discussions on the many important issues facing citizens of the Commonwealth and of the nation.

PolicyMic will be covering all that happens at the Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown debate. For the latest live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

UPDATE: The winner is..... Elizabeth Warren! Senator Brown's democratic challenger debated well tonight with quick remarks that were sure to make a true impact on voters. Warren, rightfully so, attacked Sen. Brown's claim that Obamacare steals $716 billion from Medicare, impacting care in a negative way. She responded by connecting this attack to Romney, who is generally disliked by the Massachusetts public and has been making the same argument against President Obama in his campaign for President. Brown's arguments were effective, but many lacked a connection with the middle class of the Commonwealth and truly related to debt reduction, a theme in tonight's debate. Warren said she wants to tax the wealthy, reduce military spending and push through education legislation to aid in the job crisis and our debt. "The people at that 2% your talking about are actually out there creating jobs," Brown said, defending the wealthy.

This debate is set to have no real impact on the election. Polls have steadily shown Brown and Warren in a dead heat, even with two (now three) debates behind us.

7:53 pm - Candidates giving their closing statements.

7:45 pm - Brown on Foreign Policy: "We've already cut a half a trillion, we can't afford to cut another half a trillion" on defense spending. We need to have a full and immediate investigation to find out what happened in Libya, it wasn't acceptable.

7:43 pm - Warren on Foreign Policy: "The whole world has an interest in making sure that Iran doesn't develop nuclear weapons." She says she supports the President's legislation in dealing with Iran.

7:42 pm - Brown: "Right idea, wrong bill" on women's fair pay bills.

7:40 pm - Warren on Women's Rights: He had exactly one chance to vote for equal pay, insurance coverage and to appoint a pro-choice woman to the SCOTUS... he voted against all of them. "We should not be fighting about equal pay for equal work and access to birth control."

7:38 pm - Brown on his difference from Warren on Women's Rights: "I have been fighting since I was 6 years old to protect women's rights." Repeating same thing from past debates. "When it comes to women's rights, I'm pro-choice."

7:37 pm - Brown on Taxes: "The people at that 2% your talking about are actually out there creating jobs."

7:35 pm - Brown: “I’m not going to be raising taxes on anyone in MA or anyone in the United States. We do not need to take, take, take more and more money out of people’s wallets.” He didn't respond to the mortgage loop hole.

7:34 pm - Warren: Brown has signed a pledge to never raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires. "Senator Brown voted with the billionaires, not with the secretaries" on Buffet Rule.

7:33 pm - Warren: "I would not support ending the mortgage reduction for middle class families. They've been hammered enough and they just can't take it."

7:32 pm - Warren to Brown: "He was out working in secret to weaken the regulation, so the biggest financial institutions on Wall Street wouldn't have to deal with such regulations."

7:30 pm - *HIGHLIGHTED COMMENT* Brown to Warren: "When you talk about them getting hammered, I suggest you put down the hammer." Crowd boos loudly.

7:29 pm - Warren: "Republicans have a vision, cut taxes for those on the top and let the chips fall for everyone else... What I believe is that everyone pays their fair share."

7:28 pm - Brown: Washington is like pigs in a trough.

7:27 pm - Brown on Middle Class: "When I think of middle class I think about hard working men and women who have one, two, sometimes three jobs." "Warren is fighting for the large corporations."

7:26 pm - Brown reponding to Warren: "We just can't keep continuing on raising taxes, raising taxes, raising taxes..." Repetitive, much?

7:24 pm - Warren responding to Brown: Cutting Obamacare will increase our debt, not decrease our debt. "Same page out of Governor Romney's playbook from a week ago tonight." Keep in mind this is a group that refers to Ted Kennedy as public enemy number one.

7:23 pm - Brown on Deficit Reduction: "One of the first things I cut is $2 trillion as a result of Obamacare." "If there's anybody who's listening that thinks my opponent is a tax cutter, let me get rid of that myth. I've never voted for raising taxes."

7:23 pm - Warren on Deficit Reduction: "Independent economists found that I was 67% more effective at cutting the deficit than Senator Brown." This is about our children and our grand-children, we cannot leave it to them to pay off our debts.

7:22 pm - Warren on Deficit Reduction: "I would be clear in cutting the agricultre subsidies budget and cut our military budget."

7:21 pm - Brown on Education for younger children: "There's a lot more work to do, we'll hopefully continue that work..." cut off by moderator.

7:18 pm - Warren on Education for younger children: "The local cities and towns should come up with their own ideas, but they need a good federal partner in Washington." "It can help make sure that we have more teachers in the school and more opportunities for our kids in junior high and high school."

7:16 pm - Brown: "We actually passed that bill to keep interest rates low." We did it without raising taxes by tweaking federal programs and finding a way to do it better.

7:14 pm - Scott Brown on Education: Warren gets paid $350,000 to teach one course at Harvard when people are struggling to pay for school with high interest rates.

7:12 pm - Warren on Education: "We need to be making the investments in [] community colleges." "I want to say that this is about the priorities. There's not going to be a single magic bullet but watch the priorities." "Senator Brown voted to let student interest rates on loans double" - Fact checked, Sen. Brown did make those votes.

7:11 pm - Warren on Health Care: "Senator Brown is going to double down on a number that is simply not true." Obamacare doesn't cut benefits from Medicare by one penny. "It's good for us here in MA.

7:09 pm - Warren on Health Care: The same play hook Mitt Romney is using, it is wrong tonight, it was wrong then. *crowd applause* One audience member boos loudly. "What Senator Brown is in favor of is getting rid of a bill that helps seniors, pays for prescription drugs, closes the donut hole."

7:07 pm - (Second Question) Brown on Health Care: "The federal bill which my opponent supports and I don't actually raises taxes... I hope seniors are listening because it actually cuts three quarters of a trillion dollars from Medicare." Federal bill he is speaking of is the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare.

7:06 pm - Brown: I'm very proud that my third vote was a bipartisan jobs bill. I supported the President's jobs bill.

7:04 pm - Brown on Jobs Bills: "That's not the answer." He's citing a local business owner who is tired of giving taxes to the government for them to spend it wrong.

7:02 pm - Warren: Unemployment is a serious problem. "Short term, we should put people back to work with jobs bills." That's why I was so surprised when Senator Brown voted against jobs bills that would have supported jobs in MA. Long term: "Investing in infrastructure like Union Station. Making the investments in education, making the investments in research. We make those investments together to build a stronger future."

7:01 pm - Third Massachusetts Senate debate between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown begins.

6:59 pm - Moderator Jim Madigan asks the candidates to not talk over each other before debate begins.

6:57 pm - Crowd wars loudly for Warren as she arrives on stage after Brown.

6:53 pm - Moderator Jim Madigan: Please refrain from applause. Sometimes something will happen that you'll react to, that's okay. When I put my hand up, you can be quiet again.

6:45 pm - Fifteen minutes until the third MA Senate debate begins. It's sure to be very repetative in relation to the last two debates.