Is Justin Bieber wrapped in a giant piece of grilled chicken? The internet has thoughts.


Over the weekend, Justin Bieber stepped out in West Hollywood draped in what looks like a very luxe, cozy brown blanket. He draped it over one shoulder, as if he was a caveman living in a prehistoric era. 

Let's call this one "George Foreman couture." 


It's fine, right?  It matches his outfit. Comfortable and smart, even.

But here's the thing: People on the internet cannot unsee one very important aspect of this blanket. 

Squint and you'll see it. 


Come on. 

The blanket wrapped around the beloved Biebs looks very much like a giant piece of grilled chicken. Or, at least that what some — probably very hungry — Twitter users seem to think. 

It's all in the markings of the blanket, which alternate between light brown and dark brown and really do look like grill marks. 

So, while we applaud Bieber's accidentally delicious-looking blanket, here are some food-related blankets we'd personally love to wrap around our bodies as well: 

1. A blanket that looks like a molten chocolate cake 

2. A blanket that looks like one giant cheddar bay biscuit from Red Lobster

3. A blanket that looks like one giant take-out container of pad thai 

4. A blanket that looks like a piece of fried chicken from Popeyes

5. A blanket that looks like a heaping pile of mashed potatoes 

We welcome Justin Bieber to try each of these as well.