Secretly savage gift ideas for your boss that are under $50


If you're lucky, you have a wonderful and lovely boss who genuinely enjoys life. If you're like most of us, you have a boss that barely deserves your holiday cheer.

Since office politics exist, and you have to get your supervisor something to keep up appearances, why not go for a gift that just looks like you mean well? Nobody has to know you actually intend to passive-aggressively tell your boss what's up.

While the gifts in this guide sure look like they come from a good place (your heart), they're actually inspired by more honest, accurate emotions.

Editor's note: We bear no responsibility for the myriad possible outcomes of giving said gifts to said bosses. Also, prices and product availability are subject to change throughout the holidays.

Bookends: $40


What your boss will think it means: "I'm a boss who loves to read and these bookends are just so true."

What it secretly means: "I'm an employee who never gets to read because you overwork me."

Magnets: $15


What your boss will think it means: "I love dogs sooo much and think everything they do is adorable just like these funny magnets of dog butts!"

What it secretly means: "Here are five versions of your face and a fire hydrant."

Book: $11.72


What your boss will think it means: "I'm such a smart, hilarious person who understands satire and will surely get a kick out of this brilliant book."

What it secretly means: "We all know you're racist af."

Journal: $34.10


What your boss will think it means: "Oh, my. I get it. Because I'm middle management, right?"

What it secretly means: "I = me and You = idiot."

Cup: $14.99


What your boss will think it means: "Ha-ha, I'm a boss so this makes sense."

What it secretly means: "You are only kind of a big deal."

Umbrella: $20


What your boss will think it means: "I can always use a new umbrella!"

What it secretly means: "Please stop borrowing my umbrella."

Jewelry: $12


What your boss will think it means: "My, what a fancy way to give the world the finger!"

What it secretly means: "I just literally gave you the finger and you're thanking me."

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