New Instagram update: Saved Posts lets you collect people's butts in a secret folder


Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets you, um, save photos for later. 

The feature — Saved Posts — lets you tap a bookmark icon underneath a post in your feed to add it to a private folder on your profile. Instagram announced the feature on Wednesday in a blog post, noting that you might want to tap that little icon when you "stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation." 



The posts in that folder, as Instagram notes, are "only visible to you." So basically, Instagram created the perfect digital spank bank.

Also, Instagram doesn't seem to notify people when you bookmark their pics. If it did, the Rami Malek fan account would probably be blocking me right now.

Is this feature actually necessary? 

Well, you can already view the photos you've liked via the Instagram app settings, making "saved" pics just a couple taps away. The saved-posts folder doesn't really offer anything new, either: It doesn't allow you to organize those pics into categories, for example, like you can on Pinterest.

Instead, it's just a grid of carefully selected photos that only you can see. Fine, I suppose you can use it as a one-off Pinterest folder to save wedding dresses or recipes or something.

Or you can save people's pics without letting them know you're 72 weeks into their feed. Enjoy, ya creep.