'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration Changes: Locations and maps update for the 9th time


With Christmas Pikachu hiding out in Pokémon Go, now would be a great time to find a Pikachu nest, wouldn't it? You know what that means: It's time for nest locations to change again.

The Silph Road has cleared its Global Nest Atlas after the ninth Pokémon Go nest migration occurred this week. That means the community will be focused on rebuilding the crowdsourced nest location guide by scratch, and you can help.

Editor's Note: Click here for information on the latest Pokémon Go nest migration.

Pokémon Go nest migration changes: The Global Nest Atlas is only as good as the trainers who contribute

Nests, or areas in which a particular species of Pokémon reliably spawns, have been migrating every two weeks for the last six rotations, according to the Silph Road. That means Pokémon Go trainers can be prepared to hit the streets and begin reporting nest locations soon afterward.

The atlas allows users to search between verified and unverified sightings. The effectiveness of that filter depends entirely on Pokémon Go players hitting the streets, and in cases of nests whose spawns are spread out widely over time, camp out in the area to confirm the location of the nest.

Miss Technology/YouTube

Pokémon Go nest migration changes: How to help find new locations

YouTuber Miss Technology has put together an instructional video on how to use the Global Nest Atlas that also serves as an introduction to the Silph Road. We've skipped ahead to the 2:07 mark to get straight to the atlas.

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