This is what a martini looks like at Trump Grill, the restaurant owned by president-elect


If the cocktail service at Trump Grill is any indication of America's future, it's on the rocks. And it's ugly. 

After being recently declared the likely "Worst Restaurant In America" by Vanity Fair's Tina Nguyen (see: sad steamed broccoli, unappealingly sticky ice cream) Trump Grill, the restaurant in Trump Tower owned by President-elect Donald Trump, somehow stooped to another level of sad food and drink service.

On Thursday, Dec. 15, Daily Beast political reporter Olivia Nuzzi tweeted a picture of a vodka martini ordered at the bar at Trump Grill and well, it looks bad. Really bad.

A wine glass? Ice chunks? A pathetic olive drowning at the bottom of this horrifying boozy mess? 

You don't need to be a mixology expert to know this is not how a drink should look. Especially a $15 martini. Assuming whomever ordered a vodka cocktail before 2 p.m. on a Thursday really needed one, this sad excuse for a martini is disheartening.  

"There are absolutely no circumstances under which you'd ever drink a martini from a wine glass with ice. Period." — Keith Lowerre, bar manager at New York's The Wren

New York City bartenders also can't really explain bar why unsound excuse for a martini was served at a midtown Manhattan bar. "The martini is as simple as can be to prepare, but it's also an easy cocktail to screw up," Keith Lowerre, bar manager at New York's The Wren said in an email. "A vodka martini should be shaken until it's ice cold and served in a V glass or a coupe. An olive or twist is a matter of preference, but there are absolutely no circumstances under which you'd ever drink a martini from a wine glass with ice. Period." 

A martini is about communication, and we're assuming the man next to Nuzzi didn't request his vodka drink to look yellow-ish and dowdy. "I always tell my staff that if someone orders a martini, that means we have to start asking questions: gin, vodka, up, rocks, dirty, with or without vermouth, twist?" Greg Lipari, bar manager at New York's Bua said in an email. "'Martini' means so many different things to different people. Everybody thinks they're a mixologist and has an idea of how a martini should be made, and they think that their way is the best way," Lipari continued. "As bartenders, it's our job to figure out what the customer wants and make it."

But did a Trump Grill customer actually want a martini that looks like it was dumped off the bar mat into a wine glass with ice cubes? 

Twitter, of course, is already on top of the incident.

It's unclear if this was a one-time drinking mishap, and little evidence suggests otherwise. Washington Post writer Philip Bump tweeted that he was once thrown out of Trump Grill for trying to take photos. 

Trump himself does not drink alcohol, but that's no excuse for this type of shoddy drink service at his eating establishment. If the president-elect can overlook this important detail a restaurant he owns and profits from, what else is he willing to overlook? 

Even if this bartender is "fired," the oversight may be sadly indicative of the leadership to come.