'Pokémon Go' Christmas Pikachu: Will the Santa hat remain after the holiday event is over?


Pokémon Go fans have therefore been anxious as to whether or not they'll be able to keep their adorable Christmas Pikachu. After all, seasonal celebrations in video games can be tricky. You might not always get to keep your special holiday loot once the holiday in question is over.

Thankfully, Niantic didn't let the question lie too long before coughing up the answer:

Christmas Pikachu's Santa hat will not be removed from Pokémon Go after the holiday event ends.

Niantic is not known for its transparency where Pokémon Go is concerned, so getting such a clear answer on the holiday Pikachu question came as a nice surprise to Pokémon Go players. Yes, you get to keep him forever in your Pokémon collection — if you want to.

The other prevailing question was about what happens when holiday Pikachu evolves into Raichu. The evolved Pokémon is still wearing its Santa hat, but will it disappear when the event ends? Niantic also kindly confirmed that a Raichu evolved from a holiday Pikachu will keep the hat forever.

So if you had stopped hunting down holiday Pikachu because you figured you were going to lose him anyway, it may be time to hit the pavement anew, as that holiday Pikachu is yours permanently if you want him. 

Just remember that Christmas Pikachu doesn't actually get any advantages over a normal version of the electric-type Pokémon; it's just wearing a new hat.

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