These iPhone features are hiding in plain sight — here's how to access them


The iPhone is known for being user friendly, and there are many features even the savviest of users don't know. Many of the device's best features are within reach and can make the process of using the phone even more fulfilling. Here are six awesome iPhone features you probably didn't know about.

Use Spotlight for currency conversions

If you want to convert currency rates, simple type in keywords into Spotlight to receive current rates. And it's not just currency — Spotlight will help you with other conversions like distances, weights and more.

Shut down multiple apps at once

Apple has previously revealed there's no real benefit for a device's battery life by closing out apps but if you like to use the feature to swipe between apps, you can make your life easier by using three fingers to shut down three apps with one upward swipe.

Access the desktop version of a site

If you want access to the desktop version of a site instead of the mobile version, it's simple on the Safari browser. Press down on the reload button located in the upper right corner of the URL bar and select "Request Desktop Site" from the two options that pop up.

Correct Siri's pronunciation 

When interacting with Siri, there will likely be moments when the assistant will butcher pronunciations. According to Digital Spy, you can fix Siri's mistake by saying, "That's not how you pronounce X," which will trigger Siri to ask for the correct pronunciation.

Take a picture with your headphones

If you've got your headphones plugged in or just want to snap a picture without your hands interfering, you can capture an image using the volume buttons on your headset. You can also take pictures using the volume buttons on the actual smartphone.

Search through images using search words 

Perusing through thousands of images on your smartphone to find that one picture can be tedious. With the release of Apple's iOS 10, the operating software offers a search function that can pull up pictures using keywords like geographic locations.