What is the Chuck E. Cheese challenge? Everything you need to know about the viral trend

The internet loves a challenge, especially a viral dance challenge. Recently, there was the mannequin challenge, now it's the Chuck E. Cheese challenge.

The fad, inspired by the robotic dance movements of the restaurant's animatronic creatures, has swept the internet since its upload to Twitter on Dec. 10. User @_BamTheDancer, aka Brandon Morales, stars in the video alongside Marquese Scott (@officialwhzgud) and Julius Chisolm (@iGlide). 

The dance moves are not only mesmerizing to watch, but scarily accurate, as well. For reference, take a look at the original Chuck E. Cheese dance crew, which was called Munch's Make Believe Band.

The striking similarity of the dancers caused the internet to explode in reaction.

And it even led to the mouse himself responding to the video.

Other competitors are clearly still assembling their dance crews, but some have already risen to the challenge. 

The Chuck E. Cheese challenge is not even a week old, so it's only a matter of time before the movement picks up momentum. If it crosses into the sports world, like it did with the mannequin challenge, then it could become another viral smash hit. For the sake of great dancing videos, we sure hope it does.