Kids using hip-hop to learn long division in this lit classroom is peak black excellence


Long division is something most people have probably forgotten, but after this video it'll be hard to forget. 

On Monday, video of an entire math class performing a long division problem to a hip-hop beat began circulating on the internet. Teacher Nadine Ebri posted the video to her Facebook page. Since she posted the clip, viewers watched the clip over 14 million times and shared it over 240,000 times. 

"I always heard that teachers dreaded teaching long division!" Ebri wrote in the caption. "Well, not anymore! My students made this song up! They're seriously the most crunk class ever!" 

In the video, students tackle the problem "312 divided by 2" by repeating the mantra, "Divide, multiply and subtract. Bring it on down and bring it on back." 

Once the girl solving the problem finishes, she does a little dance for the camera. 

And, after the math problem comes the breakdown. Another young student comes in and dances to the beat, including giving us a little dab. 

Ebri told the Huffington Post that the video came about when she was teaching the students long division and her students added the beat. She said she was probably repeating the steps in a way that sounded "rap-like" and they turned it into a song together.

"I hope that this video shows teachers the importance of relating to students, especially in an urban community," Ebri told the Huffington Post. "There is a difference between being 'bad' and simply being 'bored.' Most students are bored with the traditional way of teaching, causing them to act out in class."

Somebody get them a record deal, because this is officially the hottest track on the internet. 

And a lot of people on Twitter agree. 

This can serve as a lesson to all the parents — especially crying moms out there — who think that hip-hop has no value. Because, thanks to hip-hop, none of these kids will ever forget how to do long division. Ever. 

How does it go again? 

"Divide, multiply and subtract! Bring it on down and bring it on back!" 

Dec. 17, 2016, 10:29 a.m.: This story has been updated.